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April 3, 2009

Your Turn: Michelle – Carla


Well, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t pay my respects to this much anticipated photo op. But then, good luck picking out the most expressive shot. The image above seemed a nice mix of character (Michelle keeping in real) and context, the two women posing during the national anthem. Fashionistas, be my guest.

On the other hand, though, there was also this, this, (but not this), and certainly I appreciate the breeziness of this, and, for sure, the cleverness of this.

(image: Saul Loeg/AFP. caption: US First Lady Michelle Obama and French First LadyCarla Bruni-Sarkozy are pictured at the start of the NATO summit on April 3, 2009 in Strasbourg. The summit, which marks the organisation’s 60th anniversary, is taking place on April 3 and 4, 2009 in Strasbourg and the neighbouring German cities of Baden-Baden and Kehl)

  • Karen H.

    I’ll be the life-risking fashionista on this. I feel like I’m looking at two beautiful women who raided their grandmother’s closet and stole her housecoats.
    I was trying to determine if they liked each other when they met and determined that everything looks fine on that score.
    The spare German “snack” with Merkel’s husband was interesting and real looking after all the pomp and circumstance, though I can’t find a pic of that. She looks like she connected fine with him. Probably asked him about his research.

  • Serr8d

    Sheesh. Her hand looks skeletonized. Must be all that work in the garden.

  • paulo

    Nothing special to say about it but this shot in front of the statue is art

  • yg

    i liked michelle’s hair in this one:
    her profile played up beautifully when this was shown on tv.
    this slideshow highlighted the different spouses of the g20 leaders and their bios:
    though i think they treated carla bruni unfairly.
    i like that australia’s first lady continued working after her husband was elected prime minister. imagine that.
    the composition in this one was strange:
    i liked the angle of this one:;_ylt=AlV79wy64O4.lbW_Xjmhsk5M7dIF

  • ivyleaves

    Carla looks like she’s had an awful lot of plastic surgery.

  • dada

    The coats are fun (in their own way) but it’s what’s inside that counts.
    Michelle & Carla are both wearing fabulous frocks!
    (pix available all over)

  • wagonjak

    Carla looks prim, beautiful and elegant in her grey ensemble, probably some very expensive outfit from one of the top French designers.
    Michelle is true to her country, her upbringing, and her culture in her outfit…a little hokey, I don’t usually like strong flower patterns, but worn to appeal to her home audience, to the mom who shops at Walmart, and she still manages to look beautiful, poised and confident. I haven’t like all of her outfits, but she pulls them all off effortlessly.
    One from a priveleged family, one from a black middle class American family, and both beautifully representing their upbringings and country…

  • ladida

    Enough about how these women look. They are both beautiful and confident women in their own style. Thank heaven we now have women in power who are not just cardboard backdrops to their husbands. For gods sake, it’s the 21st century. The next step is getting the same pay for the same job. Let’s rally. We want to be able to support ourselves and our families without compromising our responsibilities of being present for our children. Let’s rally for longer vacations, time off for family needs and quit this constant battle for our jobs to let up so we can have work/life balance…for men too! We need time together to be healthy and happy.

  • thomas

    Carla has definitely had a bit of work done.
    Michelle’s dress is definitely humble, but by now her disarming people with humility has proven to be a pretty failproof strategy.

  • Johanna

    I really like the fact that Michelle is not always, or consistently stylish. Some of the time she is fabulously so. Other times not. This is the way it should be with someone who is a genuine person and not just a manequin (which Carla Bruni somewhat gives the impression of being). I take issue with the person who said they are not “just cardboard backdrops.” La Bruni seems as much that as, say, Pat Nixon did. But fashionable lifestyles for women change as much as fashionable first names, or fashion itself. Hillary Clinton’s attempts to insert herself into governance was the fashion for women at the time she was first lady, just as something else was when Mrs. Kennedy or Mrs. Nixon had that role.

  • Molly

    They both look a bit stiff in these pictures. It must be tough to be on the spot like that. I agree about the coats, though. I figured we’d be wowed by the fashion and I was not. They look much more “gussied up” in the other photos on that site where they are both dressed in black. And Carla is smiling in those, so that’s a plus.

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