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April 28, 2009

Peace Train (Revisited)

Given the news Arlen Specter is ending his ride with the GOP, we’re republishing this post from March 24th.

Biden Specter WH.jpg

Get your bags together, go bring your good friends too

Cause its getting nearer, it soon will be with you. *

Taken last week, 2/27/09, this White House photo shows Biden and Arlen Specter on their way to Philly for the first meeting of the V.P.’s Middle Class Task Force.

It also reflects (in fact, broadcasts) at least two other things. One is Team Obama’s speed and momentum. The other is the Administration’s progress in exploiting wingnut wars to lay claim to the political middle. As Fatimah Ali says at the, Specter may be in trouble in the polls and exposed on his right flank, but he has been on Capitol Hill for 29 years, he’s a survivor, and the guy definitely knows which way the wind’s blowing.

Slideshow: Middle Class Task Force Meeting in Philadelphia (White House). *Lyrics: Cat Stevens

(image: Sharon Farmer/White House. 2/27/09)

  • Vulture Breath

    Hey, it’s another mirror image shot just like Obama and Tiger. Same bald spots, angle of leaning, positioning of hands. They even have the same age spots.
    Is there any more strange name that “Middle Class Task Force?” When will we have an Upper Class Task Force? Hopefully to serve the opposite purpose of the MCTF…

  • JayDenver

    Ah, changes. Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam. Arlen Specter to, um, Arlen Specter. Some things never change.

  • stevelaudig

    Opportunism thy face is a spectre well[-well known.

  • mcc

    Is it just me or does Specter look a LOT like Nixon in that photo, somehow?

  • nightbird

    maybe, just maybe, this train is picking up speed.

  • yg

    not really a peace train when they both voted for the war.

  • yg

    also, these two threw anita hill under the bus. specter, employing mccarthyesque tactics*, basically called her a liar and questioned her integrity, while biden refused to call on additional witnesses to testify at the hearing who backed anita hill’s story.
    funny how their shared roles in betrayal forged a bond between these two, apparent in the photo.
    *specter kept referring to a supposed list of witnesses (using a piece of paper he kept in his suit pocket, which he would take out and theatrically wave around) which he threatened to call forward to testify against anita hill.

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