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April 22, 2009

Jane Harman’s Stolen Moments


Now the question is, if you were a photo editor on this Jane Harman scandal story, and Crowley dropped this in your lap (with the hush-hush; the swoon; the assembly line of suits, nobody paying attention, business-as-usual; and especially, Mr. Judgmental in the middle, casting the long, suspicious-looking glance), could you resist?

By the way, that wouldn’t be a recording device (disguised as a coffee-cup) the woman far-right is holding, would it?

(updated: 4:18 pm PST)

from: Lawmaker Denies Efforts for Lobbyist (NYT)

  • JayDenver

    that wouldn’t be a recording device the woman far-right is holding…? Looks like a coffee mug.
    Jane, poor Jane…played with fire and got caught on the wire. Now she’s wondering which lawyer to hire.
    Couldn’t resist.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Yep, I meant the coffee cup! Love the rhyme.

  • MiltOn

    uh, those who give us tin cups reproach us for our blindness

  • HubrisSonic

    button button…

  • Vulture Breath

    I think Harman and Costa are using the same hair dye. And blow dryer.

  • braidwood

    I don’t know what any of you are talking about. I wish I did.
    My small contribution: The woman looks like and older Paris Hilton to me.

  • LanceThruster

    To me it looks as if she’s just said,
    “Laws are for the little people.”

  • perry jahn

    So far, it looks like Harman has been slimed by the recent release of a months old “story.” The real story is that members of Congress are being spied upon.
    Anyway she’s asked for the wiretap transcript to be released, so until it is, I think it’s premature to assume she did something wrong.

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