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April 15, 2009

Franco, Apparently, Still Dead


There is just too much irony in this photo — especially after yesterday’s likely meaningless news that a judicial panel awarded Franken the Minnesota Senate race … again.   

This image of Al — looking that much more helpless in front of a powerful column and drawing his hands to his gut rather tightly — was taken taken three weeks ago at Arlington. The photo not only amplifies Al’s isolation these days, it happens to be capture him witnessing a “changing of the guard” ceremony (no kidding) at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

In the latter case, we could take for unknown the population of Minnesota which, to date, has been short-changed a Senator.

(image: Kevin Wolf/A.P. Tomb of the Unknowns, March 25, 2009, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.)

  • Roy

    I thank you for the ancient SNL reference in your title. It makes an old man happy to hear that someone still remembers the original cast.

  • Karen H.

    Sort of a “they still like him” response from the court. It’s interesting that Al hasn’t played shadow senator through all this — no remarks, no criticism, no assertion of presence, no shadow throughout the legal process. Given how the GOP is prepared to hate him (it’s not like they’re getting another Lieberman or Bayh), it’s probably smart to be quiet and small.

  • Gasho

    He sure doesn’t seem funny anymore. Maybe he could crack a joke or two now and then to lighten things up.

  • Susan S

    Agree. I think this picture shows an effort to make him appear VERY SERIOUS.

  • donna

    Why blame Franken for Coleman’s idiocy? Franken is doing everything he legally can to gain his seat.
    I’m sure we’ll hear his thoughts on Coleman later on. He’s probably having a great time privately cracking jokes about him, and doing the behind the scenes work to prepare to take his seat.
    And all the while the Republican party is obstructing a senator from taking his lawful seat, since they are funding Coleman’s legal campaign, so good job there.
    I think Al will take the process of lawmaking quite seriously. He’s a pretty sharp guy.

  • joeradish

    If I were him, I’d be pulling my hair out. I think if a runoff were held today, Franken would win handily. I’d be surprised if the people of Minnesota aren’t as disgusted as I am by the Coleman camp. I look forward to Senator Franken’s long tenure. I believe he will make Minnesota proud.
    Also, this seems like one more example of the Republican party saying, “We really only care about winning. We emphatically do not care about the United States of America. Screw all of you, if you’re not on our side.” I don’t know how they can stomach themselves. My senators are Snowe and Collins. They are two smart ladies. I don’t know how they can stand to affiliate with the GOP. Pitiful.

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