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April 25, 2009

Blue Doorway

10 Downing Malaria.jpg
One reason I’m able to look at this endlessly is because of the way the net, eloquently and simultaneously, serves as art, theatre and mission. Its rich materiality is also driven home by the contrast with the colder, harder repetition-upon-repetition of the black-and-white outside. I appreciate how the policemen and the net relate functionally also, as protection and protection — and how distinctly the doorway is framed in comparison to the way the white sleeves of the officer blend into and almost merge with the window.
Wouldn’t it be nice, by the way, if grassroots activists had access to this level of design?

(image: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters. caption: A police officer stood next to 10 Downing Street in London. Sports personalities went to Downing Street on Monday for the launch of a malaria initiative, and a blue malaria net covered the front door for the occasion. Photo: From: NYT Pictures of the Day, April 20, 2009)

  • Julia Grey

    My first reaction, not knowing what it was for, and especially after your first phrase referencing “theatricality,” was that it was something frivolous. Frou-frou, balletic, fairylandish.
    It is an interesting contrast, in more ways than one. That something so airy and inconsequential and…PRETTY…can guard against such an ugly disease.

  • donna

    And something so cheap.
    We could prevent disease in poor countries so easily and cheaply — but we don’t. A sad commentary on the wealthy nations.

  • pcalvin

    It is a beautifully intriguing image. One of the things that a photograph should do (perhaps the first thing) is get the reader to stop turning the page. I think that this image would do that for me, stop turning to read the caption and find out what the image, and story, are about.

  • Wayne Dickson

    “Wouldn’t it be nice, by the way, if grassroots activists had access to this level of design?”
    What does that mean?

  • yg

    as opposed to sloppy handwritten notes written on cardboard.

  • yg

    i didn’t know they came in blue.
    anybody have a site for a ngo who collects funds to send nets?

  • yg

    Wouldn’t it be nice, by the way, if grassroots activists had access to this level of design
    peta is known for their conceptual messaging. one that caught my eye was people shrink-wrapped on foam board like they do chicken.

  • yg
  • yg

    slide 5, for the first one.

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