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March 19, 2009



Barry Blitt’s cover illustration on the latest New Yorker has a great twist. Not sure I understand the connection exactly, but when I read the title, it still made me laugh out loud. It’s called: “OctoRush.”

Nice job on the cigar, by the way, as well as the centered crotch shot with the balloon jammies.

(illustration: Barry Blitt. The New Yorker. March 23, 2009)

  • Victor F

    perhaps the eight bawling Rush Limbaughs are a reference to the eight years Rush had to crow under the Bush administration? Now that the Democrats have taken away his binky, Rush has reverted to the baby he is, and the eight years he felt comfortable and cozy have vanished like his security blanket. Or, um, bottle of Oxycodone. You see a progression, from top to bottom: at first Rush is wearing “grown-up pants,” and at the end, he’s pooping his diapers.

  • Antonio

    An insult to all babies, even the crying ones.

  • Saleema

    Love it. That’s all I have to say for this one.

  • yg

    blogger atrios dismisses unprincipled rightwing bellyaching by calling them “whiney a** titty babies” or WATB for short.
    looks like somebody at the new yorker was inspired by the expression.

  • HomoPolitico

    But we can all agree, he was totally coked outta his gourd at CPAC, right?

  • DanM

    Would it be too horrible to leave them all at the hospital?

  • yg

    rush is shovel ready.

  • rr

    This cover is a reference to the IVF octuplets born to Nadya Suleman in January

  • bystander

    The only thing more amusing than this cover are the comments. Well done, folks.

  • steve

    In life he looks awful these days (near cardiac arrest), this image softens his image and gives him a youthful strength he doesn’t deserve.
    That said, love it, great ill/cover.

  • Doctor

    Why are Conservatives so angry?

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