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March 10, 2009

The Steele Watch: No Business Like Show Business

Crowley Steele.jpg

What a great send-up of Michael Steele, panning back far enough to reveal the paneled study and the bound volumes at “RNC Studios” are a total contrivance. (Also funny how Michael, who broke new ground as first black chairman of the RNC, is juxtaposed with the little Lincoln, Obama’s idol.)

from: New Chairman Boos G.O.P. When He’s Not Cheerleading (NYT)

Also see: 200903101150.jpg

(image: Stephen Crowley/NYT. caption: Michael Steele in the television studio of the Republican National Committee in Washington.)

  • Saleema

    Steele in this setting promptly brought to my mind how he’s alone intellectually in the party he’s trying to hold together. Can’t hold anyone together, if no one’s really by your side.

  • Saleema

    Oh and I forgot to mention he’s a prop, just like the bookcase behind him, just like the chair he’s sitting in. A showcaseing of the house negro—look, we got one of our very own.
    Can’t help but feel sorry for the fellow.

  • DanM

    What’s with all the garbage on the floor?

  • creditking

    DanM, those appear to be marks to position furniture or people.
    Overall, it shows the whole thing to be an illusion. Guess we should pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?

  • md

    house negro and doesn’t even realize it!

  • acm

    the floor looks like the blocking marks from a highschool musical — every prop has its position marked; they’ve just slotted in Steele for this scene!

  • stevelaudig

    Looks a bit like Anwar Sadat who also came to a bad end.

  • Piper

    His arms and feet look freakishly long.

  • cenoxo

    [There's] No Business Like Show Business
    Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Denver’s Mile High Stadium, August 28, 2008:

    AP Photo/The Rocky Mountain News, Brian Lehmann — Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., delivers his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Thursday, Aug. 28, 2008.

    Here’s a large revealing photo of the back of the stage earlier the same day. Pay no attention to the sheer volume of stuff it takes to prop up a Candidate…

  • cenoxo

    …a total contrivance.
    Once the Candidate becomes the President, no image is ever contrived, of course. He merely happens to wander in front of backdrops that have been conveniently placed there by history.
    Wouldn’t want any buyers’ remorse.

  • travc

    Funny, the tape on the floor looks like it is supposed to be the mark for Steele’s chair. He can’t even stay on mark sitting down?

  • cenoxo

    The taped chair leg marks are for a head-on shot with the subject sitting behind a desk, facing the camera directly. They’ve probably just moved the desk away and angled Steele’s chair for shots with an off-camera interviewer.

  • yg

    the mixed board i frequent, republicans keep asking of steele is a mole, intent on bringing down the party. lol

  • fastneataverage

    just like the stockinged foot… he seems out of (p)lace.

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