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March 14, 2009

Promises From A Distance

aig ad.jpg

I recently came across this old, but undated AIG ad.

Even pre-crash — with the beckoning harbor, those fetching boats out there, and the great digs on the opposite shore — it seems like John Q. Public has been left behind at the waters edge. If they were really that intent on appealing to the customer, besides tweaking the color, they might have at least cleaned up that crappy bench (and who knows what’s beneath).

(ad via

  • Some Guy

    They are homeless. That is their bench.

  • kukyfortunate

    ‘a lifestyle is what youpay for;
    a life iswhat paysyou.
    your luckynumbers are:
    34,21, 6, 26, 19,4′

  • Book Alive

    While looking for Google images of my hometown in Oakland County, Michigan, I happened upon photos of construction for a Chrysler Employee Marshalling Center. I never did find out where or what this is, but 28 acres of parking lots is pretty astounding. Yet, the company and the employees soldier on.
    Chrysler Employee Center

  • Books Alive

    Links: to Chrysler employee website and builder’s projects on their website.

  • Wayne Dickson

    I just moved to another site and saw this. That’s Harvard Business School across the water.

  • lytom

    Now that Obama administration has stopped using the “enemy combatants” term in reference to population in Guantanamo, this term could be used for those who consciously misuse – steal – governmental funds derived from taxes.

  • yg

    i expect investigations after the economy regains it sea legs. at the very least, commission hearings.

  • yg

    as suggested by the photo, AIG does carry a lot of pensions. what would happen if they defaulted? what would that look like?

  • iriedc

    Actually I see this picture and it says “traveling in the Caribbean” to me. Old weathered benches by the sea are pretty typical. Still, doubt any John and Jane Q Public will be traveling on their AIG investments, though the execs will be.

  • cenoxo

    Beware of…

    …bailout loan sharks. Once there’s blood in the water, they always come back for more.

  • suh,’rend(er)d’pity


  • yg
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