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March 18, 2009

(For An Instant) Pink Is The New Green

Liddy Code Pink.jpg

I was interested in your take on this picture from the Congress – Edward Liddy/AIG showdown today. For my money (heh, heh), Liddy’s instinct to actually reach out to and dignify the Code Pink protesters was an off-note mostly exposing how this guy has been calibrated to an absolutely stratospheric level of damage control.

It’s almost as if his PR people approached the hearing today with the working question: What would a CEO Jesus do?

(image: Jason Reed/Reuters. House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises. Washington, March 18, 2009)

  • bkm242

    Maybe, just maybe, the guy really did come out of retirement to help. It’s a fine line between skeptical and cynical, and I’m trying to lean toward skepticism.

  • Books Alive

    According to Talking Points Memo, Mr Liddy was previously at Searle (in Chicago/suburbs, I assume) with Rummy, and later he was head of Allstate, another big Chicago/suburb company, so by my lights, he’s comfortable with confrontation.

  • vicki

    I don’t see him actually reaching out. His hand is not extended, as is the Code Pink woman’s.

  • yg

    i don’t know enough about the man, and i don’t know who initiated contact, but i thought it was courteous and spoke well of him that he acknowledged their presence. just because we disagree isn’t an excuse to forget our manners.
    who was it? rove or rumskull? where a man came up to him at a bus stop and expressed disagreement. rove wouldn’t even acknowledge him. and then there’s cheney dropping the f bomb.

  • angellight

    Regarding AIG, GOP are blaming Dems for putting in loophole to allow bonuses, but will not pass bill to allow Congress to tax these bonuses, thereby allowing Dems to get back most of the bonuse money. What hypocrisy, when all of this began under GOP/Bush/Paulson rule who would not allow any restrictions at all. However, there were some restrictions put in by Dems but not enough. At least the Dems are trying to resolve this boo boo short term and long term put regulaitons on the greedy wall street and Washington gang.

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