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March 1, 2009

Bring On The Handcuffs

Pendergest-Holt arrested.jpg

If Ms. Pendergest-Holt was an obvious target — as Chief Investment Officer for Alan Stanford, the financier who managed an $8 billion Ponzi scheme — it’s still a small satisfaction to see someone, anyone offering financial smoke and mirrors do a perp walk these days.

Congress members attend Caribbean caucus meeting with Allen Stanford (TPM slideshow)

(image: Sharon Steinmann – AP/Houston Chronicle. caption: Laura Pendergest-Holt, the chief investment officer of troubled Stanford Financial Group, center, is brought into the Federal Court building, Friday, Feb. 27, 2009, in Houston. Pendergest-Holt faces charges she obstructed the Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of the Stanford scandal by lying about her knowledge of the firm’s activities and by omitting key details.)

  • shan1504

    I get tired of the women always being the examples in these cases. Martha Stewart, Lyndie England, and now this woman. Although the first two were guilty, they represent a group of people that committed these crimes and the vast majority are men. Why do the women become the face of these crimes?

  • jonst

    It’s interesting. Here is a picture purported to be Ms Pendergest-Holt’s home.
    Not exactly living in a gated community I’d say. And it was reported that her attorney ‘loaned’ her the money to make bail. Yet she is one who gets locked up and paraded for all to see. Not Sanford. Not Madoff, I believe. Interesting how this all works.

  • X-girl

    I couldn’t agree more. As soon as I saw this photo I thought, “Why is the first person I’m seeing in cuffs female?” It’s infuriating.

  • Dick Durata

    I wonder if anyone read her the O’Shaughnessy line:
    “Angel, you’re taking the fall.”

  • Gasho

    Jonst – That ain’t no row home, either!!
    I’m happy to be seeing someone in cuffs. I want to see a whole lot more of it. I really want to see the Bushies in orange jumpers and I don’t think that its so Damn far fetched as everybody else does. If ANYBODY is willing to do the looking under the rugs – they can’t help but find the crimes. Murder should not go unpunished. The same goes for Torture. The same for using Chemical weapons on children. I’m sick and tired of everybody saying “That could never happen!” when war crimes trials is brought up. SICK OF IT.

  • jonst

    The point is Gasho……ah, what’s the point? As you write; you are happy to see “someone” in cuffs. That’s what they want…you happy. It’s called tossing a hostage (a minor one) of the back of the wagon to distract the wolves. It often, but not always, works.

  • yp

    ironic ap photo of stanford:
    according to jamaica observer:
    But Stanford became the uncrowned king of Antigua, as he was the second largest employer after the government. He owned the Bank of Antigua, the Antigua Sun newspaper, two restaurants (one called The Sticky Wicket) and a spa.

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