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March 24, 2009

AIG Home Tour In Perspective

Huguley AIG.jpg

What makes Spencer Platt’s photo really outlandish is the presumption — symbolized by the scale — that the interests of working class Americans would ever loom so large in the face of the oligarchs. (Caption below.)

More images of Mary Huguley delivering her letter.

(image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Mary Huguley (legs) stands as she tries to deliver a letter to a home belonging to Douglas Poling, one of numerous executives who were recipients of a bonus from American International Group Inc. (AIG) on March 21, 2009 in Fairfield, Connecticut. A bus tour of some of the executive’s homes in Connecticut was organized today by the Connecticut Working Families Party, a coalition of labor and community groups. Participants included members of the media and also about 40 activists who attempted to deliver a letter voicing their disdain with the executive’s bonuses after it was recently revealed that more than 400 executives at AIG were paid $165 million in bonuses.)

  • Saleema

    What an absolutely absurd photo. Do these legs belong to a little girl? I don’t know too many grown women who wear white pantyhose.
    She’s not wearing read shoes but she’s reminding me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She’s blocking my view and I’d like to tell her move over, Dorothy, you are not in Kasas anymore.

  • Saleema

    that’s RED shoes

  • doug

    oh, the scale is wonderful. I love the connecticut McMansion on the background. Is she wearing white pantyhose? I don’t really think so; I think that is just the light/glare.

  • g

    This seems very contrived. the photographer is being too cutesy.

  • Rob

    Good composition, just would have been better with an overcast day which would have offered less contrast and you could have seen more shoe detail. But yeah, I get it, and Mr. Platt is a good, thinking photographer trying to make a point.

  • GP

    I saw a cow.

  • Susan Abe

    Saleema, this is not a woman of fashion. The white hose and black shoes say this is a woman who wears a dress once a week, if that, and to a place like a church. America is full of mature, hard-working women like her.

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