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February 1, 2009


Dashle NYT.jpg

Now that he’s entangled in an ethics problem, it seems there are more images being published of Tom Daschle without the hip red glasses.

The NYT ran this image of the ex-Senator yesterday (from: Daschle Pays 3 Years of Tax on Use of Car), the expression of our friend to the left (although looking behind Daschle) connoting suspicion. I’m not sure but it seems the color saturation might also have been upped a bit to give the woman in back a ghoulish look.

Daschle Dharapak NYT.jpg

Now with the specs on, but wearing a fierce expression, the NYT ran this shot two weeks ago — before the ethics charges emerged, but accompanying an article questioning whether Daschle’s nomination for secretary of health and human services might clash with Obama’s conflict-of-interest requirements given the former senator’s corporate affiliations.


And here, in contrast, is the photo that circulated in the NYT photo feature, “Obama’s People,” in the fragrant pre-inaugural air. In the portrait, literally all’s rosy with the matching tie and frames.

Update: Completely missed the ID on Bob Dole. Guess I counted him out too early.

(image 1: Mark Wilson/Getty Images. caption: Tom Daschle, the latest Obama cabinet pick to face a snag, at a Senate confirmation hearing. January 2009. image 2: Charles Dharapak/A.P. caption: Tom Daschle, who advises health care clients, is President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for health and human services secretary. image 3: from: Obama’s People – The Series . Photos by Nadav Kander/NYT Magazine . January 2009.)

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