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February 6, 2009

Oh Lord

Reid Stimulus.jpg

Although Reid was only resting his eyes for a moment, the image — taken in the heat of the Senate stimulus debate — symbolizes and epitomizes what’s wrong with the Democrats.

Despite winning the White House and padding their majorities in both the House and the Senate, the mentality of the Democrats hasn’t changed much from the Bush days. Instead of staking some moral authority in its investment approach to rescuing the economy, the instinct is to placate the antagonists, then just hope and a pray for the best.

(Krugman presents a more secular and unapologetic countenance on Morning Joe.)

(image: Win McNamee/Getty Images. caption: U.S. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) (L) listens as Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) (R) answers questions on the progress of the economic stimulus package at the U.S. Capitol February 5, 2009 in Washington, DC. The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on the legislation either this evening or tomorrow morning)

  • Angellight

    There is nothing wrong with Divine Intervention, something we need more of in the Senate and in America. Action combined with prayer, or Prayer combined with action is an awesome power.

  • 14All

    The relationship between Republicans and Democrats in the Congress is much like that of a domestic abuse perpetrator and his partner/victim. Long after the partner is free to go, she stays and continues to be beaten because she’s been brainwashed into believing it is her only option.

  • Stephen C. Rose

    President Obama can educate these guys. TRHe priority should be on 2010 and getting a 60 vote Democratic majority in the Senate.

  • cenoxo

    …the instinct is to placate the antagonists, then just hope and a pray for the best.
    Both parties’ so-called strategy for stopping this financial crisis is to keep throwing massive amounts of (other people’s) money underneath its wheels. The real antagonists is this fight are not the Republicans nor the Democrats, but we taxpayers. That’s where the money is coming from, and whose children and grandchildren will be paying for the everlasting debt.

    Elected officials had better pray, and we’d better join them.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    or is he our chamberlain…negotiating in good faith and getting all of us screwed in the process. Our money is ours and how we use it determines what we can be together….giving it back to individuals and businesses in the form of tax cuts dilutes its effectiveness for building our nation. Education is a long term investment, to think that we are putting aside education for the sake of tax cuts for the top 20% through the alternative minimum tax…ahhh it is maddening
    Harry put the damn boxing gloves back on, you know they are going to punch us. Punch, punch hard and after we have secured what we need to get this country going again,then pray.

  • yg

    he needs to be voted out as senate leader, but who would replace him? we need a leader who isn’t vulnerable to, and constantly worries about, being ousted by conservative voters in his own home state. somebody in a secure seat in a blue state can concentrate more on the nation as a whole.

  • yg

    yes, nevada went blue, but it’s still a shaky swing state. otherwise they wouldn’t have run ads there recently defending the stimulus.

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