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February 23, 2009

Bipartisanship, Continued

Fiscal Responsibility Summit.jpg

1. White House enabling a (re-)united front?

2. Funny who's so interested in those cameras.

3. Why does it seem we're mostly the ones suffering the harsh light?

4. Do the tops of those chairs remind you of brass knuckles?

I'm still waiting to see some video of the group participation portion of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit. Based on the still imagery, however, D.C. this week remains true to form.

(3:58 PST – Removed the item about the chandelier looking like a drill.)

(Update 9:43pm PST. Obama's wrap-up session after the break-out meetings, calling on Democrats and Republicans alike to give feedback, was really masterful. Not only was he on top of the issues but you could really see how — a day at a time — he is working on unwinding the polarization and animosity in the Congress. The 40 minute video is not just surprisingly watchable, it is also interesting to witness how infectiously Obama reaches out, particularly with humor, to "the toughest nuts," including Graham, Cantor and, of course, McCain. C-SPAN video here.)

(image: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. Senators Joe Lieberman (L), John McCain (C) and Lindsey Graham listen to remarks at the Fiscal Responsibility Summit hosted by President Obama at the White House in Washington February 23, 2009)

  • yg

    “there is no joy in mudville.”

  • thirdeye pushpin

    Thought bubbles
    JL – The Homeland Security committee aint what it used to be..
    JM – Why are you taking photos of me… I ain’t the quarterback..Now get outta here or I’m gonna punch you.
    LG – Is John going to go “nuclear” if I talk about “nationalization” again?

  • Megan

    Men! We’re back to all men in the field of view.

  • Clem Guttata

    Not just any men, but pasty old white men eager to preach (but not hear) the gospel of fiscal responsibility after pissing away trillions of dollars over the last 8 years. There’s no horse too high for them to climb aboard.

  • Hippocrates

    “I know that none of you want to buy anything. All we ask is that you keep an open mind. Why would you not want something like this?”

  • Alan

    All three of the guys in this picture – Lieberman, McCain, Graham – would love to be President. Each knows it ain’t ever going to happen. How awful it must be for them, to see a man younger than they are standing up on the stage, taking charge and making history. There’s only one thing to do. Wait. Bide their time, wait until he stumbles and then tear him to pieces.

  • DennisQ

    This is the face of football players on the bench when their team is trailing by four touchdowns at the end of the third quarter. They haven’t entirely given up hope, but they need a reason to believe they can still pull it out. The other team has pulled all their starters to avoid running up the score, but the shellacking goes on.

  • stevelaudig

    Purse mouthed losers headed for the dustbin of history, none too soon either. Confede”rats”. They are probably thinking minstrel show. Class photo of the German General Staff, late April, 1945. All they can think is to march to the right flank.

  • yg

    another reason for looking peeved.
    perhaps next time a long table format. still funny though.

  • Ralph

    McCain’s look says “Don’t mess with me, my posse’s here.”

  • Rima

    Three thugs, waiting to execute their hit. Lieberman, eyes closed, psyching himself up, connecting with his inner Joe. McCain glaring – what the f**k you lookin’ at? Graham, innocently reaching for his weapon. A trio of pathetic losers.

  • david

    Yea, all you socialist wimps! Those are the three sexiest men in the world and you’re too blind to see. That wasn’t funny…Washington’s not funny, it’s devolved into a horribly broken down place where we can’t even consider the possibility of legitimate elders. Our elders ( and “elders” is a term of true respect in functional cultures) have become withered teen agers, old, bitter, immature, grasping at shreds of power – kinda like Gollum – they’ve had access to the ring of power and its evil nature has withered them. Look upon these visages and be fearful !

  • nightbird

    Interesting body posture on Graham. Is he twisting away from McCain or the speaker? Unfortunately probably the latter. (I can dream can’t I?)
    I think Lieberman is pretending to be asleep to unnerve and disrespect Obama, much like poker players who wear shades. Cheney did this a lot to Bush in the latter days. And McCain… what a happy guy…”Country First”. Right? Riiiight.
    Just think if these guys(and certain governors) stopped “posturing” and showed a sincere interest in working with Obama what an impact that might have on the confidence of investors on Wall Street and the citizens on Main Street, not to mention the world.

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