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February 16, 2009

Beyond The Echo Chamber

Crist Obama.jpg

What Charlie Crist understands and the photo demonstrates is that Obama — a month in — is far from weakened, far from damaged.

So yes, in the context of the echo chamber and the striking Repugs on The Hill, one might consider it a “brave move” by the Florida Gov to “break rank” and appear with the President. Minus the spin, however, what the photo suggests is: 1.) Public sentiment (especially the way space is apportioned here) accounts for a lot more than the politicians — or the talking heads. 2.) If you’re not willing to deal with the White House in good faith, you’re out of the picture. 3.) If you are willing to deal, check your ego — since you’re likely good for the background.

And then, as regards Christ specifically, it occurs to me this photo of Crist (putting distance between himself and the party) is the antithesis of this (rather historic) act of sucking-up.

(image: Alan Diaz/AP. caption: President Barack Obama. left, and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist are greeted by participants at a town hall meeting to discuss the economy, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009, at the Harborside Events Center in Fort Myers, Fla.)

  • Kevin

    I would like to think – and hope – that Crist’s action is a throwback to the days when it seemed politicians weren’t so partisan, that they would appear with a fellow public servant (no less the president) in public and at least respect the office. I know we idealise the past, but I seem to recall a less “us vs. them” in the pre-Reagan world.

  • Linda Chandler

    I don’t like the word “shoot” applied to the president.

  • cenoxo

    2.) If you’re not willing to deal with the White House in good faith, you’re out of the picture.
    You are either with us or against us…
    Hmmm… where have we heard that that line of reasoning before?

  • Ferry Fey

    I don’t know who Obama is eclipsing, but the brown hair behind him makes him look like he’s got Al Gore shooting out of his top chakra.

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