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January 15, 2009


InGaza Medic.jpg

Reflective Gaza medic evokes many things, including: beacon of help; target in the light; arms on fire.

Blog post: What the medics see, do, and are subjected to; uncensored.

Blog: In Gaza, documenting Gaza on the ground, particularly ongoing work of Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance medics responding to trauma, often while taking and dodging fire.

(image: Eva Bartlett - flickr site)

  • Saleema

    It struck me how different the pose is for two different men, from two different worlds. Rahm in comparison looks almost comical.The medic looks serious and determined, and just a tid bit unsure of himself, if you look closely into his eyes.

  • bystander

    Michael, it appears you dropped the h in http in the url of that first blog reference rendering your link non-functional. For anyone else who tries it, and it fails, try this. The second blog link appears to work fine.

  • jtfromBC

    Given the relentless hell in which he works I this intense stare is not that far from becoming a “thousand-mile stare”
    (a distracted and distant gaze that marks those dealing with PTSD )
    I do think Rahm looks comical but his wartime experience should protect him from PTSD.
    (Emanuel did not serve in the Israeli army, but was a civilian volunteer assisting the Israel Defense Forces for a short time during the 1991 Gulf War, repairing truck brakes in one of Israel’s northern bases – wiki)

  • mse

    Wow, I’m heartened to see images from and a link to Eva’s blog. I tried to post links to hers and the other international activists/citizen journalists after the debate/issue over the ‘lack of reporters’ in Gaza — Zoriah Miller stating, “there are few people in Gaza reporting right now…”. Which I felt to be false as there are sources to be found, even if they’re not the usual Western-based suspects. I also tried to post links to Palestinian reporters whom I felt to be very worthwhile witnesses to the situation.
    I was blocked/unable to post links to Eva’s and other’s blogs. I’d wanted to highlight this reportage from the ground as they ride daily and nightly in Red Crescent ambulances, picking up mostly women and children, victims of bombings and sniper attacks, their being refused access to many, many, many of the wounded if the wounded are unfortunate enough to be in an area of Israeli control, their being shot at by the IDF even after having been granted ‘permission’ to pick up the wounded.
    If anyone is still at a loss to find ‘reporting’ from within Gaza, I’d suggest taking a look at the links listed on Eva’s site.

  • Michael (The BAG)

    Fixed that link, thanks.

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