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January 19, 2009

Our Man On The Mall

(images © Matt Lutton for BAGnewsNotes. January 19, 2009. Washington D.C.)

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  • Karen H.

    Those photos with the painted or cardboard Obamas among the masses are funny. Almost a “Where’s Waldo” feel to them….I have a hard time metabolizing the adoration, maybe because I was a little kid in the 60s …

  • David G.

    The slide show was on automatic and when photo number four slid by something jumped out and called for freeze frame. There is clear demarcation between the people and the troops in the background.
    In this photo, they are deployed under orders. If they were off duty sightseers, they wouldn’t be in uniform of the day.
    I recall Kent State and Jackson State killings. Military are trained to follow orders and kill. Troops also panic. Remember this.

  • cenoxo

    Image #1: Yes We Did
    They did. Will he?

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