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January 16, 2009

“Obama’s People”: The West Is The Best


Ushering in crisis-era, “no nonsense” Obama team with big budget celebrity spread, Salazar a gift from central casting.

Obama’s People – The Series (photos by Nadav Kander/NYT Magazine)

  • nightbird

    I went to the “Obama’s People” link and found it fascinating. I wonder who others would pick to be from “central casting”. I vote for Geithner and Eugene Kang.

  • Karen H.

    that’s funny, I really didn’t like them at all. I felt that the subjects were too aware of the artifice, so harshly lit as to appear gnomish and out of proportion.

  • NoContest

    This clown too Ben Nighthorse Cambell’s seat. The idiot Indian Senator with the ponytail and the Harley. Name one accomplishment these two dishrags had other than a penchant for getting their mugs in front of a camera.
    I’m very nervous of Salazar… he comes from the same state, the same law firm, the same backround and business contacts as the wonderful snaggletoothed little gem Gale Norton.

  • bystander

    Being from Colorado, I think this is the real Ken Salazar. I’m hopeful that he can be a better Interior Secretary than he was Senator… but, I’m not holding my breath. The man looks like a class A doofus here – but that’s also how I have thought of him for the past two years.

  • clf

    This series has a real Diane Arbus vibe (which I did not enjoy and which felt disrespectful, considering these people have not done anything yet).
    The photographer clearly loved Samantha though! My god! What up with that?

  • bystander

    Having made my third trip through Obama’s People, maybe I’ve identified what strikes me as so weird about the series. All I can think of is Wax Museum. In many cases, the people being photographed aren’t real. It’s as if the camera scrubbed all of the animation out of people. They mostly look like mannequins, and some look quite “other-worldly.” Were I to discover that wax likenesses of Obama’s People were cast, dressed in their model’s clothes, and then photographed I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • richard dent

    Most of these photos are mean to their subjects, partly along the lines of what bystander said and partly from the awful “staging.” Of course, some of the subjects deserve it, but still.
    The guy with the Cubs hat was impressive, since Obama is a White Sox fan.
    Yes, Samantha Power was photographed with more flesh and blood. They say Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, but she seems to be an exception.

  • richard dent

    I want to amend my comments from yesterday, because now I’ve reviewed the print edition. The photos are not nearly as bad in print as on the computer screen. The colors aren’t so washed out and the pix are less stark.

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