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January 24, 2009

More Obama “Behind The Scenes”: The Look Of Love

This photo is part of the latest “behind the scenes” photo set leaked to the press by White House Photographer Pete Souza. You can see the whole series here at TODAY.
The image is particularly endearing and humanizing. Between balls in this tacky hotel corridor, we see Barack, like a young man on prom night with bow-tie slightly askew, catching sight of, and admiring his sweetie. In the strategic choice of framing, you can nearly miss the fact Obama is simultaneously holding fast to the live Michelle’s hand, prompting us “fill in” the scene, recollecting her, in that white inaugural dress, in our own minds.   
(image: Pete Souza/White House, Washington, January 20, 2009)
  • cenoxo

    With Michelle 99% out of the frame — we wouldn’t know they’re her fingertips unless so informed — and with Barack’s rather ambiguous sight line, it’s hard to tell whose picture He’s actually admiring (before going stage left).
    (BAGMan, I can’t see my screen for the hearts, flowers, and honeybees any more. Can we at least see how Barack and the Other Woman are getting along? Tomorrow is Sunday — we can get back to the regular worship service then.)

  • Karen H.

    Interesting, when I read “The Look of Love” I thought you meant he was looking at his own photo.

  • Nick P

    Not to go back into some Obama worship, but as a constant traveller, I can’t wait to see his smiling face in embassies, customs offices, airports and federal buildings.
    No more pictures of Bush, thank goodness. And just a little more Obama worship, awesome video of the inauguration and first dance:

  • Antonio

    As lovely as it is (talking about some of the other pictures in the series of the link), he needs to change the rug. Write to the White House; I will.

  • Karen H.

    antonio, I can think of other places to spend $90,000 right now. It’s smart to get to work and worry about decor later. I just don’t find the symbolism of the rug that heinous that it merits a second of his thought.

  • Antonio

    I agree with your frugal concerns, fully. Even so, somewhere in the government’s warehouses, there must me a rug from some other time, evoking some other strand of our history. Take the Lincoln Bible as an example of the fountain of objects that he could choose from.
    Perhaps he could invite some rug maker or rug makers to design and weave a new one that speaks of his own vision. (Of Quaker lineage? Of Muslim and Jewish background? Of one or several of the Indigenous Tribes of North America? Or a Committee of the Children of Former Slaves and the Children of Former Slave Owners?) He could hold a pretty ceremony to unveil the work, say early next year as he prepares for the State of the Union, not to embarrass himself or Mr. Bush.
    If I insist too much, forgive me. I know that as often as I look at photographs of the new Oval office, Mr. Bush’s aura will hover over/underline the image.
    What do you think?

  • pufflehuff

    I like that rug. I don’t think of the Bushies at all when I see pictures of the Oval Office now. It’s just Obama, doing his job. He overpowers any lingering Bush bad vibes. Just because an administration is total evil, doesn’t mean that the Former First Lady’s nice taste must be jettisoned. Plus, Bill Clinton loves that rug!
    I do feel like Obama’s sightline is going to Michelle’s picture here. Those photos make them look like the establishment already. Head Boy and Head Girl.

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