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January 17, 2009

Getting Started

Malia.jpgAs the inauguration whirlwind gets started, there are many photos on the newswire of Malia “on assignment.”

Perhaps it’s natural, creative and a big relief, actually, that Malia would buffer the constant focus on her by documenting instead.

It also reinforces the idea (as much as the reality, however true it is) that the Obamas are just like us.

(image: Alex Brandon/AP. caption: President-elect Barack Obama, with his wife Michelle Obama, shakes hands upon his arrival, as his daughter Malia Obama, 10, takes a picture, Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009, at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, before the start of his inaugural whistle stop train trip to Washington.)

  • d2b

    here we go for the first time – its a pity that the economy inherited by Obama is in a very bad shape

  • jtfromBC

    Malia, her camera and multiple options, a way to distance, distract, educate and entertain herself.
    A pictorial collection to discuss and share with family and friends.
    I’d wager shes collecting material for a future school project.
    Confident, having fun and diggin it, her outfit adds color to an otherwise mundanely attired bunch of adults.

  • pufflehuff

    Good on her, take back a little power!
    This picture’s cute, with Sasha jokingly blocking Malia’s camera at yesterday’s concert:
    We don’t often see a lot of affection between the two girls – I think they’re at the ages where they annoy each other and fight a bit. There’s also the problem of Daddy’s precious little free time…

  • moistenedbink

    The Obamas are more like the rest of us than the Bushes and Cheneys ever were.

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