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January 20, 2009


bush leaving.jpg

The brown bag does it for me.

(image: Saul Loeb/Getty. White House. January 13, 2009)

  • Jason

    The flag in the framed photo reminds me of the illegitimate, vertically-striped flag of the “Allied States of America” in TV show, Jericho. Bush would have fit in quite well in the Jennings and Rall corporation.

  • zzyzx

    Wow, the distorted and unsigned photo of the incorrect flag, the worn shoes, the paper bag! FGS, the ill-hanging jacket…….all indicate some poor functionary who is not high enough up the ladder to obtain a job on K street, nor with any republican corporate biggie. Poor baby.

  • SpeakSense

    Wow! This distorted image of the American Flag explains a lot about the previous administration’s policies.

  • Kit (Keep It Trill)


  • w.(h)it

    ‘lo wil(l)i.e. hi man

  • Molly

    Y’know how people called him the “Chimperor”? The foreshortened perspective of his face reveals where that nickname comes from. Planet of the Apes, here we come!

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