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January 21, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Shell Obama inaug.jpg

At this point, Obama is so comfortable with photographer Callie Shell it’s like she isn’t even there.   

This was photographed in a holding room at the Capitol right before the inauguration ceremony. Of course, Obama is just adjusting his coat and tie. Still, the circumstances open up the broader possibilities of what happens when one looks at one’s self in the mirror.

For someone like Obama, who always seems so put together, the picture invites the idea there is actually a process to it. Of course, after all the disaster Bush wrought and the degree to which he hoarded and abused power, what’s also here, by comparison, is the notion of a President who is able to look himself in the face.

View the rest of the Shell’s TIME’s photo gallery (“Behind the Scenes of Obama’s Big Day”) here.

(image: Callie Shell/Aurora for TIME. Washington. January 20, 2009)

  • deborah

    to see the serenity amidst anxious onlookers in photo 9 is breathtaking

  • Porter

    The shot of Obama with his eyes closed just before heading out onto the platform is my favorite of the day, that I’ve seen so far.
    As an aside, why does Time have the lamest photo presentation interface on the web?

  • Karen H.

    Nice photos. I especially like how he was able to focus on individuals within groups of people.

  • Karen H.

    Interesting. Who knows what he’s saying to the serving man, but it certainly is open to interpretation…he’s also carrying his wife’s gloves….what a change, empathy….

  • db

    I can only imagine what this all means to the White House staff.

  • yg

    it’s the real thing.

  • davisdavis

    whats the unusual tri angle on his head?

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