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January 16, 2009

Barack Going Courting

Obama Supremes.jpg

Clearly, this is the more dramatic shot.

But the one above, of Obama moving with the Supremes, seems more strategically interesting (although I am impressed, in the linked image, with how our legal scholar-in-Chief parked himself at the head of the table).

Notice above how Obama situates himself between Ginsburg and Scalia. Seems like more evidence (the Ex-Presidents portrait being the best recent example) how Obama likes to draw tight with the opposition. (And then, I’m actually wondering now if Scalia and/or Alito might actually be the off-camera focus in the linked shot?)

Of course, who knows what Clarence Thomas is thinking about the first African-American president, the Justice being an outlier in both photos and, in this one, finding some solidarity with maybe a familiar security person?

(image/Pete Souza – Obama Transition Team)

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