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January 16, 2009

Barack Going Courting

Obama Supremes.jpg

Clearly, this is the more dramatic shot.

But the one above, of Obama moving with the Supremes, seems more strategically interesting (although I am impressed, in the linked image, with how our legal scholar-in-Chief parked himself at the head of the table).

Notice above how Obama situates himself between Ginsburg and Scalia. Seems like more evidence (the Ex-Presidents portrait being the best recent example) how Obama likes to draw tight with the opposition. (And then, I’m actually wondering now if Scalia and/or Alito might actually be the off-camera focus in the linked shot?)

Of course, who knows what Clarence Thomas is thinking about the first African-American president, the Justice being an outlier in both photos and, in this one, finding some solidarity with maybe a familiar security person?

(image/Pete Souza – Obama Transition Team)

  • db

    Ginsburg and Scalia have expressed their close personal relationship in the past. And Scalia is such a gasbag that I’m sure he had no problem engaging, and perhaps occupying, Obama in conversation. I too am wondering what Thomas is talking about.
    Of course it’s notable that Samuel Alito is a petty little man, having apparently snubbed the President-elect during the visit.

  • Antonio

    When the final accounting of Clarence Thomas’s life and career takes place, as often as it does, the wisest of these historians and biographers will certainly contemplate the light of knowledge in both photographs.

  • jtfromBC

    Massive columns, marble floors, black suits and shoes, thank God for Ginsburg and her earthy threads.

  • yg

    is uncle ruckus modeled after clarence thomas?

  • Molly

    Hee! I love the Boondocks and loved Gary Anthony Williams on Boston Legal!
    I was more struck by pillars in the hallway and thought about the lobby scene in The Matrix.

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