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January 18, 2009

And The Point Is…


Notice the layout and the way these two photos visually orient to one another in yesterday’s LAT. With the “two points” and the double, or reflecting flags, does the photo editing and the page layout have its own narrative in mind? If so, what is it? (Let me know if you have any trouble reading the captions.)

(image 1: Dan Balilty/AP. image 2: Tsafrir Abayov/AP.)

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  • jtfromBC

    The NYT’s point: ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ – Mao.
    Olmerts severe, grim and angry face, the ‘We do not hate you’ remark, the horrific casualty count, that pointed finger may suggest a belief that, “The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people.” – Gen. Moshe Yaalon IDF chief of staff 2002

  • Karen H.

    This LA Times layout is sort of mind boggling and whether an intended message or not, reminds me of a couple of articles I read some weeks ago discussing the change in Olmert’s approval ratings since this most recent Gaza War began.

  • lytom

    The picture on the right forms almost an image of the soldier on the cross.
    The picture on the left is just scary, how much is enough?

  • jtfromBC

    I goofed, my apologies to ‘the grey lady’ the LAT is occasionally more politically adventuresome.
    Once again comparing olmerts Rhetoric to gazan Reality simply blows me away.

  • donna

    “But we’re pointing guns at you, not fingers.”
    I don’t think Olmert hates the Palestinians. I just think he loves his power more than he cares at all about them.

  • richard dent

    The layout is typical of the western media coverage, which shows Israeli might and the destruction it caused in Gaza, but little of the threat it faces. I saw other photos of Olmert where he didn’t look so stern, and without the finger. The LAT did a nice job of advancing its narrative, and all in all, not unfair in an of itself.
    Notice that the quote from Olmert in the headline is a part of what he said, that Israel regretted civilian casualties and was not making war on the people of Gaza. You don’t hear anything like that from Hamas. Let’s face it, they do “hate” Israel/the Jews.

  • Ursula L

    The message combined in these images/captions reminds me of the old saws “Hear what I say, not what I do” and “actions speak louder than words.”
    Olmert’s words say that he doesn’t hate the Palestinians, that Israel doesn’t hate the Palestinians. But the actions, captured in the picture of the tank, give a very different message, one of violence and hate. Whatever Olmert may say, a tank pointed at your home is no sign of affection, and isn’t going to inspired affection in return.
    The messages coming from Israel seem surreally unaware of the images coming from Gaza. As if they imagine that they control the message, and that the words and images they choose to show will be seen without the contrast of images being sent by others. It is rather odd, because the Israeli public relations machine did a very good job of controlling message and media to keep much of the world, and the US in particular, on its side for so long.

  • jtfromBC

    Olmert’s struggle for hearts and minds is in overdrive in cyberspace.
    1) Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’ to combat anti-Zionist Web sites
    “During the war, we looked for a way to contribute to the effort,”
    the ministry’s director general, Erez Halfon, told Haaretz
    2) Beautiful green-eyed soldiers wage PR battle for IDF;
    ..putting its female face forward as it battles for public opinion in cyberspace.
    3) listing anti-Zionist Web sites in USA

  • yg

    “we do not hate you” translates into “who are you going to believe? me or your lying eyes?” or “we bomb you, but with indifference.”
    reminiscent of bush who asserted he had no quarrel with afghan people, shortly before bombing them to kingdom come. he said the same thing about iraqi people before launching the war.
    1) Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’
    this was done during the lebanon conflict as well.

  • yg

    from “beautiful green-eyed soliders” up above:
    One picture in particular stands out, as it shows a close-up of a female soldier with light-green eyes before a row of multi-colored bullets lined up like sticks of lip balm.
    war is sexy.
    thanks for the links, jtfrombc.

  • cenoxo

  • tinwoman

    Richard Dent, aka our own Zionist apologist:
    The difference between Olmert and Hamas: Hamas is being truthful about its feelings (and it is natural to hate your oppressors), Olmert and the Israelis are lying about theirs. How callous is it to commit genocide while insisting you “don’t hate” your victims?
    Holocaust deniers will tell you they aren’t anti-Semitic, too, and perhaps they actually believe it–to give you an example you might be capable of understanding.

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