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January 13, 2009

Always A Star

Bush Final Presser.jpg

Regarding this image from one of those rapidly proliferating big picture sites… it captures one of the true legacies of the interminable Bush nightmare: flag fatigue.

And then, I didn’t expect, having looked at thousands of pics of “W” at this point, to catch a new angle. With the big close up, however, those stars demand their own recognition as well as their own parting statement, the otherwise background element also informing Junior’s wistfulness as he finally peels himself away from his treasured rank.

From day one to day last — with just a few disappointments and a possible mistake or two in between — those stars have been lost in his eyes.

(h/t: Sophia)

(image: Jason Reed/Reuters. White House. January 13, 2009. via

  • marc sobel

    I assume that in the final moments of his presidency, writing like Jeb Bartlet to the rescue, for services in putting him over the top in his relection bid and enabling the War on Iraq and Afganistan, Bush will pardon Osama Bin Laden.

  • the littlest gator

    Starry Eyed?

  • JM

    Maybe it’s because I’ve seen footage from this press conference, but Bush’s expression doesn’t look that starry-eyed to me. I mean, it does at first glance, but note the tightness about the mouth. I think this still might be from a moment when he was reacting with barely-controlled anger to one of the questions. To me, he looks like he’s trying to find the fine balance it takes to tell one reporter to go to hell without making all the other reporters lose their shit. He looks like he’s about to explain very patiently to someone what a moron they are, and is savoring the moment before he crushes them.

  • Stan B.

    Less than seven days- and counting…

  • Books Alive

    Did anyone else notice the photo of Obama and Calderon when they met on January 12? The men were positioned in front of the flag of the other’s country. Does this image show a “new” meme?
    Barack Obama
    In case my Photobucket effort fails again, here’s another link.

  • M. Scott Brauer

    I can definitely understand flag fatigue, but I don’t think the flags are going away. Remember the long row of flags behind Obama during his acceptance speech, or the two flags (a lapel pin now too! even after all the hubbub in the summer about him not wearing a flag pin.) in Obama’s official portrait; like it or not, flags as props seem to be here to stay.

  • Molly

    Those stars look three dimensional; they look like they are made of metal and could be plucked right off the flag.
    Then turned into jewelry? tossed ninja-like at an enemy? used as the coin of the realm?

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