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December 1, 2008

S.O.S. Announcement: The Gaze


(image: John Gress/Reuters. caption: U.S. President-elect Barack Obama announces that U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will be his choice for U.S. Secretary of State during a news conference in Chicago December 1, 2008)

  • charlie


  • yg

    bag, you’re too generous. i’m pretty sure she had her own animus. she didn’t need to pick it up from others.
    what i found interesting about the presser was how biden was all kissy/kissy with hillary after he gave his speech. wonder how much influence biden brought to bear in getting hillary her gig.

  • mad_nVT

    Clinton is looking fairly reverential.
    Can we hope that this means that she will follow Obama’s agenda on foreign affairs?
    Obama looks like he’s a little out of patience with Clinton.
    Is that directed at her, or is he showing the strain of dealing with the Bush-era total meltdown?

  • richard dent

    She doesn’t have McCain to gaze up to any more. Hey, but I guess I may being a little unfair.
    I always supported Obama over Hillary, and at the same time I think he made a good decision on choosing her for SOS. Some may be political debt-paying, but this was clearly a voluntary decision by him (with perhaps urging by Biden as suggested above by yg.)

  • Our Paul

    Do not buy your yellow scribbles, in fact you obscure the real “win-win” of Hillary’s appointment. To solve the Israel-Palestine crisis you need somebody to talk tough turkey to Israel, without raising the hackles of the hard right Jewish machine in the US. Hillary can do both. Without a solution to this problem, the Middle East will continue to fester…
    Try over Barack a bubble, saying “Go get them Hill”, and over Hill a bubble saying “I can handle these guys”…

  • jean

    mad_nVT: possibly Obama is just exhausted. He’s been looking pretty tired, more than at any time I saw during the campaign. Loss of a loved one will do that. Although I’m guessing the pressure of Bush being MIA during this mess is pretty awesome.

  • sophie

    I believe that Barack’s stress could be also be coming from receiving the PDB (President’s daily brief). His briefings began the day after the election. I’m retired from that world, but the truth is, he now knows what the president knows regarding all imminent threats.
    VT, also loss of a loved one, for sure….his world has been rocked in every way. The transition may give us a real measure of the man.

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