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December 29, 2008

I Heart Sderot

Obama Sderot.jpg

One thing this rocket-through-the-heart has to say is: It’s going to be a lot harder leading the free world than running for the job. (Thank you, Florida!)

(image: Rina Castelnuovo. caption: U.S. Democratic presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, is presented with an “I Love Sderot” T-shirt with a rocket in a heart by Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal as they stand in front of a display of rockets that landed in southern Israel, during a visit to Sderot, southern Israel, Wednesday, July 23, 2008. Obama pledged Wednesday that as president he would preserve the close ties between the United States and Israel, and that the Jewish state’s security would be a top priority in his administration.)

  • SAB

    Obviously they’ve never been to Sderot. I have, and it’s a hard place to love. Full of Russian immigrants who hate everyone: Israelis, Ethiopians, Yemenis, and especially all Palestinians. They were promised a bright future free from antisemitism when they came from Russia, and all they got was empty promises and bombs landing from Gaza.

  • El_KaBong

    “They were promised a bright future”
    Who wasn’t?…
    On the subject of Hamas missles, or should we say, bottle rockets, firecrackers, these things are by design, just to be an annoying, attention getting device like a tap-tap-tap on the shoulder by an ignored kid. Hello! Did you forget about me, did you forget that we are millions who are poor, starving, you took or land, you steal/settle our territories, you destroy our industry. It’s a scream for attention. And they deserve it. bush the shrub is a worthless liar who promised democracy and help, he can’t be bothered, green light Israel, wipe them off, if the cowardly arabs retaliate, we have your back. Israel enjoys this moment but what comes around goes around.

  • jtfromBC

    SAB, respectfully I’m tired of this constant *antisemitic* refrain,let just consider substituting the term *occupation* of Palestinian lands, this brutal history is to be found virtually everywhere except in the corporate media,or from the majority of US politicans.

  • richard dent

    “bottle rockets”? “firecrackers”? Please, people are being terrorized and killed. During the “cease-fire” Hamas got longer-range missiles, and is using them fairly well to kill some and terrorize many.
    The people in Sderot are not in occupied land.
    If you endorse violence as a way to “get attention” where does that stop? An awful lot of people have real and perceived injustices. Can Native Americans, on whose land most BNN readers live, consider the USA a free-fire zone?
    Can the Jews kicked out of their homes on other Arab countries go back and bomb those living where they used to?
    It can go on and on.

  • jtfromBC

    an except from an excellent article which adds some context to those pesky rockets
    ~”Say the word that’s always missing from White House pronouncements about the situation in Palestine. Say the word that we never hear when the administration talks about how Hamas is a terrorist organization that wants to destroy Israel. You know the word, Mr. Johndroe. It’s Occupation.”

  • sohbet

    SAB, respectfully I’m tired of this constant *antisemitic* refrain,let just consider substituting the term

  • yg

    why are you all piling on poor SAB? he/she didn’t call palestinians or the conflict antisemitic. it was a characterization applied to russia, in promises used to woo new emigres.

  • yg

    there is a lot of cynicism and hard bitten irony in the shirt’s imagery. reflective of the towns people character. thanks sab, for giving a little flavor of the region.

  • fuewt25

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