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December 16, 2008

Dana’s Shine(r), And More

Dana Perino.jpg

Beyond evidence of the lingering indignity of Bush’s Iraq farewell, I wonder if there might have been nearly so many tight close-ups if it was Fleischer, McClellan or Snow who got popped in the eye. (Actual size on Daylife.)

bush shoe Iraq cartoon.jpg

Then, there was this from a collection of Islamic world cartoons featured at Daily Beast. Translation? : THE LAST THING BUSH SAW IN IRAQ.

Blix Bush Mosaic Al Rasheed.jpg

… Still, however, my best 02/’03 recollection on the theme — during the stretch when Cheney/Bush was walking all over the U.N. inspection program — was Hans Blix planting his loafers on George Senior’s face at the El Rasheed.

(image: AP. Dec. 16, 2008. White House, Washington.)

  • jtfromBC
  • jtfromBC

    here is your opportunity to participate in that great shoe incident,

  • arty

    Seriously, folks, here’s a chance for some holiday fun. What would happen if people all over the country sent in old shoes to the Bushes’ new address in Dallas? America needs a concrete gesture of farewell to this sad chapter in our history. Plus, it’s a lot less painful than sending in our middle fingers, an image so beloved by Mr. Bush.
    How many boxes of old worn shoes does it take to make a pile the size of a very large suburban house? What would happen to the shoes? How many would be sent to the Salvation Army?
    How many would be size 10?

  • matt

    is that the symbol for nuclear fallout on the cartoon shoe?
    does the artist suggest the shoe is the weapon of mass destruction bush was searching for?

  • DW

    A fitting ending to the worst presidency ever. Toss him out like an old shoe.

  • rattypilgrim

    Dana Perino is milking her black eye for everything it’s worth. Does she expect a standing ovation next time she walks into the press room for taking one for ‘43? She should dab a little concealer over it and get on with her lying and spinning but it’s her little contribution to however they’re going to make this look good for Bush. Frankly, it doesn’t look real. Shouldn’t there be some swelling?

  • paul

    I still don’t know how she got the shiner. Can someone ’splain?
    She is nowhere in the area – in the video – as far as I can tell.
    signed – legit confused.

  • richard dent

    I interpreted the radiation symbol on the shoe as referring to nuclear-capable Iran in the near future, but the interpretation of matt makes at least as much sense.

  • jean

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where!!) that she had an untimely meeting with a microphone. Somehow that seems appropriate. If you just break a few capillaries there doesn’t need to be swelling, and I am sure she got medical aid on the double. And then there’s makeup.
    The radiation sign I took to mean the depleted uranium shells our side has been using in the Iraq war. Both, I and II, I believe. Again, how appropriate.

  • shpx.ohfu

    Dumbass Dana has now seen more combat than Duhbew and Cheney combined.

  • sohbet

    here is your opportunity to participate in that

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