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December 16, 2008

Caroline Kennedy’s Resumé?

C Kennedy JFK.jpg

It seems Caroline Kennedy has decided she’d rather have a US Senate seat than a pony for Christmas. — from: “Caroline Kennedy Lets Political Elites Know She Expects A US Senate Seat” by Jane Hamsher (HuffPo)

It’s always interesting to see what non-current images the newswires are propagating to characterize a news story. In those selections are usually the core elements of — and commonly, an editorial spin on — the underlying politics.

This 2005 AP shot many news sites have picked up off the wires can only stoke the fire coming from various quarters, especially several progressive bloggers, that Caroline Kennedy is an egregious choice to replace Hillary Clinton … especially now that Kennedy is apparently openly campaigning for the job. Especially in light of Obama -’s reform tune and gross governmental/Wall Street abuse of power, the attitude is (and what the image can easily amplify) is that this is an awkwardly wrong message to send rewarding (or even appearing to reward) someone for trading on name and privilege.

Considering the image again, especially paired with news stories about Kennedy pursuing the seat, many would assert what we’re looking at is a resumé.

(image: Chitose Suzuki, File/AP. March 7, 2005. caption: Caroline Kennedy, sits in front of an image of her late father President John F. Kennedy at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. Caroline Kennedy has told New York Gov. David Paterson she wants to be the state’s next U.S. Senator, becoming the highest-profile name to actively lobby for the seat being vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton)

  • arty

    It must be rough for the “progressive blogger(s)” to get up in the morning and figure out what’s ticking off their base every day.
    It’s not like Kennedy forced Clinton to resign from the Senate. For all we know, which is not that much, Kennedy could make a very good senator. Try pretending she takes after either of her uncles, Ted or Robert. What problems would the new liberal powers-that-think-they-be going to have with that? What brave new thinker is going to trash that part of the party?
    Wait, a solution! Let the progressives claim it was their idea! Problem solved, vision fulfilled.
    Next problem.

  •[email protected]/ DennisQ

    I’m starting to get annoyed at the left for complaining when liberal political figures aren’t progressive enough to suit them. Progressives are at the margin almost by definition. Haven’t we had enough of ideological government? Yes, it’s undemocratic to select a celebrity to become a senator, but that’s the nature of an interim appointment. Paterson’s going to appoint one kind of celebrity or another. As I see it, that person might as well be somebody I like.
    This “qualifications” issue is bogus. True, she’s not walking in with the same clout that Hillary Clinton has, but neither would anyone else. The charge that Caroline Kennedy has no political experience is equally bogus.

  • Karen

    I actually don’t understand this controversy….Clinton never would have been elected had she not been married to Bill Clinton. Logically, those withholding their support for Kennedy because of her parentage are doing the same as anyone supporting her simply because of her parentage.
    She’d be a reliable progressive vote, she’s a constitutional law scholar, raised tons of money for national and New York causes, actively run the Kennedy library….I don’t see the problem. It’s not like she’s been watching soaps her whole life. It really seems to come down to Clinton supporters being angry at her support for Obama and using the “legacy issue” as a straw man. As for the left blogosphere getting their overalls in a wad over this, well, they’ll be happy enough when they see how she votes. I think she should be seriously considered just like any other worthy candidate. If she comes out ahead, appoint her.

  • yg

    pumaistas being vindictive bitches? i’m shocked.

  • Jan Kees

    Imagine: in 2005 when this photo was taken, Carolyn, (born in ‘57 so 48 in the photo) was already older than her dad in the picture, who was killed at 46. While he, too, traded on the family name, he earned many political accomplishments of his own by that time, not the least of which was running as a win-or-lose candidate and getting elected as a Senator and as President. She now claims a right to a no-lose handout as New York’s second voice in Washington on the basis of what accomplishments? Will the other thousand New Yorkers who are lawyers and writers interested in the job start at the same starting line?
    Juxtaposing her now-older-than JFK image with his may, as you so aptly put it, constitute her resume’, which she hopes will work in her favor. But it also contrasts her political nowhere-ness with her now-younger dad’s political accomplishments. She looks old next to JFK. And for a total political newbie, she is.

  • Molly

    But y’know what? Everyone is a political newbie at first!
    Good heavens, it isn’t like Clinton’s senate seat is being auctioned on e-Bay.
    I, for one, am intrigued by the thought of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg in the halls of government. She is not naive and is eager to be involved for the first time in her life on the national stage. What do you suppose made her decide that? *cough*Obama*cough*

  • Pac McLaurin

    Mr. Gary Ackerman who compared Caroline Kennedy’s qualifications to name recognition similar to JaLo was an ex middle school social sciences teacher who had moved onto publishing a weekly neighborhood newspaper prior to his election to congress, perhaps legitimately less experience than Jalo. Caroline has been through a world of painful changes in her life and survived them with grace. She is a graduate of a prestigious law school, and has done considerable community work in improving the schools. Perhaps she would be better prepared had she had some builder provide improvements to one of her properties at no cost, joined an evangelical church and been purged of witches, been a POW after disobeying orders and crashing a 20 million dollar aircraft while hot dogging? Come on where are the standards for being elected published? Appoint her, let her stand for election in two years and let the public decide. This is not an issue for the pundits and those twits that simply are jealous. Governor Paterson do your job and let’s move on.

  • richard dent

    remember the old tv ad for (a shampoo I think, maybe L’Oreal??) with Cybill Shepperd saying: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful?”
    I suspect we are seeing some of that same sentiments as to Caroline Kennedy.
    Some people think Hillary “earned” it because she wasn’t pretty or graceful. (It can’t have been easy to be named “Miss Fridgedaire” in high school.) Hillary gained the nomination for senate based on being Mrs. Bill, and only won because Guiliani got cancer and dropped out of the race.
    Fine that Hillary has done some substantive things, but it isn’t like she is really all self-made.
    I don’t really care that much if it’s Cuomo or Kennedy or someone else, but Caroline is certainly within her rights to seek the seat. I don’t see any evidence that she’s acting like she must get it.

  • ancestor

    Anyone is within his or her rights to seek the seat. She should get it if you believe that the senate is an appropriate entry level political job

  • Patrick

    I noticed in the credits the Caroline photo with the JFK poster in the background was taken by Chitose Suzuki.
    I used to work with Chitose some years ago at a newspaper. She is perhaps the best photographer I have ever met. She did things with framing, day in and day out, that the other people on staff could dream of.

  • sohbet

    As I see it, that person

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