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November 30, 2008

Touch Of Vegas

O YahooPix.jpg Hillary YahooPix.jpg

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What’s with these saturated images (featured #1-2 in this afternoon’s YahooNews Politics Newswire) on the eve of Hillary’s S.O.S. appointment?

Politics is nothing, if not drama.

(image 2: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP. October 2008. image 3: Robyn Beck/AFP)

  • Kit (Keep It Trill)

    I almost long for the days when politics were so boring I’d fall asleep watching the news… heh-heh.

  • Withnail

    Why’d you pull the Newsweek cover?

  • Michael (The BAG)

    Reflecting on it, I found it pretty unremarkable.

  • richard dent

    Is it the revival of the Rat Pack? If so, Obama can be the Chairman of the Board, but who is Hillary? She can’t be Shirley MacLaine. Maybe the 21st Century Pack has a new kind of female member.

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