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November 26, 2008

Talking Turkey

200811261142.jpgYou’re probably going to get more irreverence out of me for the next few days, along with a bit lighter posting schedule. (Although, there may be more Twitter action from watching MSNBC — and the Obama Thanksgiving — while parked on the couch with the ‘rents.)

As a perfect example, I got a minor kick out of this cynical twist on the Brady crew at the Men’s Style Power 40. And the write up — as appropriate — is perfectly trashy.

(… Now, do I categorize this under “Culture Focus,” “Right-Wing Focus,” “Faith Focus” or “Disaster Focus” ???)

Update 2pm PST: Maybe a not so irreverent holiday after all. Now tracking Mumbai.

(images: AP Photo, Ron Sachs, and Christopher Morris)

  • Madhu

    Not an irreverent holiday indeed – as I’m sure the perpetrators in Mumbai are all quite reverent about their beliefs.
    I don’t know where you are tracking the Mumbai events, but here’s a Flickr stream which popped up very soon after the events started unfolding there:
    I roamed many of these streets and locations back in college in my hometown (Bombay back then)! And apparently most of these terrorists are/were no older than I was back then…

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