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November 11, 2008

Steps From The Oval Office

Obama Bush White House.jpgThe best shots I saw of President-elect Obama’s White House visit?

The image on the left shows 43’s expression right after 44 stepped out of his limo, a real quick sizing-up. No surprise there is wariness there given the gamesmanship between the two.

Most of the shots of Obama and Bush coming down the White House Colonnade show Obama with his hands together laying out a point while Bush, half-listening, has his eye out for the cameras.

This Brooks Kraft image from the TIME White House Photo Blog, however, offers a priceless look at Obama. Titled “Making Strides,” it’s a study in contrast. Whereas Bush looks washed out as he approaches the Oval Office, we see Barack — on the inside track — the picture of anticipation.

(image 1: Joshua Roberts/Reuters. White House. Washington, DC, November 10, 2008. image 2: Brooks Kraft / Corbis for TIME. White House Photo Blog.)

  • mudkitty

    Also, Obama was the last man in the door, which is a big time body language power play. It was if Obama was escorting Bush into his house.
    As for the first pic, however, it looks to me like the sun was in Bush’s eyes.

  • Zoey & Me

    “washed out” is a good description for what Bush looks like in the face. One could also go with “hung over” or “seriously sick” look.

  • KansasKowboy

    Bush is probably wondering, “Is this the guy that is gonna throw me and my buddies in jail?”

  • Gasho

    For as long as W can remember, he’s been playing a game within his circle of power playing friends. Rove and Cheney, Rummy, Alberto, Mukasey, Rice and much of the judiciary.. they owned the top of the pyramid; sat on the top of the totem pole and rained (reigned?) sh*t down on everyone below. They controlled the rules, the coverage, the weapons, the elections and half of the supreme court. They were invincible. But they were also short sighted. The people were unhappy enough to go to the polls in big enough numbers to overwhelm their ability to steal the next election.
    Now, for the first time, the top spot goes to someone who’s not an insider or willing to play their game. This is the first real threat Bush has faced that can actually hold power over him and affect him directly. Bush could be tried for war crimes or murder. Bush could be brought to justice for destroying presidential records. He’s vulnerable now. His only leverage is his personality as seen in the top shot where his eyes say “You ain’t gonna be a traitor to the ol’ boys club, now are ya? I’m lettin’ you into my house and givin’ you the tour and all… so you’d better not mess with me..I’m a powerful man..”
    What’s the message to Obama? “You’re either with me or against me”. Meanwhile, Obama has already promised investigations to see if laws were broken and where the evidence leads. He’s not the type to be immediately angry or aggressive, but cool and collective. Let the investigators and the lawyers do the dirty work. America needs to be purged of these criminals if she is to regain her true pride and honor.

  • bystander

    It’s hard to look at these photos without thinking about this article from The New York Times … which, oddly enough, displays a photo consistent with those you’ve chosen below.

  • desertwind

    It makes me sad to think of how old and beaten down Barack & Michelle will look 8 years from now no matter how well things go.

  • Spencer

    Their differences are highlighted by the fact that their strides are matched, as are their suits, right down to the ties and little flag pins. I find that similarity of uniform a little troubling. I don’t want them to match.

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