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November 21, 2008

Palin It Up

Palin-Turkey-1.jpgPalin-Turkey-2.jpg Palin-Turkey-3.jpgPalin-Turkey-5.jpg

But this video proves that Palin knows exactly how to continue to attract attention: Take a normally mundane gubernatorial event like a turkey pardon, Palin it up with something irresistible to the elite east-coast liberal media, and watch the coverage follow. Should be an entertaining few years. – NYMag Daily Intel

I think NY Mag is spot on. Palin’s totally got the EECLM’s number. And The BAG’s too, to the extent she continues to have her way with the “visio-political” media space. In fact, I’m setting up my 2012 category right away. My fantasy, for a second, was that our friend in the background had Mitt Romney by the feet.

KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview

  • Kit (Keep It Trill)

    Palin it up.
    I like that.

  • dogfood

    Turkeys don’t need pardoning, but palin certainly does. Do they make those funnel things in a size large?

  • Pants Elk

    I really liked the Groucho Marx-type stuffing the gobbler down the funnel. He keeps grinning at the camera like he knows what’s going on. That must have made his day.

  • Silly Sarah

    Silly Sarah simpleton keeps putting herself out there…
    Booty shorts at the pool, Turkeygate Geeeeze Letterman’s writers can go on vacation while she’s in the news! Just copy and past one of her interviews verbatim and you will have material for weeks!!!!!….Even the demo’s feel sorry…
    By The Democrats
    Obviously there has been a HUGE mistake…..
    Palin’s Dribble, Weasel Wording, Mush-Mush, Asssss-Backwards speak Cleary demonstrates who carries the Down Syndrome trait in her family, because of this we (the democrats) will allow you to send her back to Wacky-silla without prejudice and select another candidate.
    For this consideration the Republicans agree to sell Alaska to Russia (with Palin) and never mention the State of Alaska or her again.
    P.S. Why does Palin repeat herself in the same sentence and add extra words that don’t belong!! Reading a Quote from her makes me feel like I am in the advanced stages of dyslexia. Does Anyone else have a problem with this? Is there anyone out there from the North Slope who speaks Wacky-silla?

  • mo

    What strikes me is how totally oblivious Sarah is to the death and destruction going on around her. She sips her coffee, chats amiably, and demonstrates what a tough farm-girl she is by paying no attention to the man slaughtering turkeys behind her .

  • Stephen Rose

    I would say MSNBC and all the other media who gave this more than one notice should be the ones needing pardon. The world has about five hundred stories going on that are more important and attention to this is both shameful and revealing … about us.

  • timolo

    First, who cares?
    Second, Turkeys don’t volunteer to be our main course on Thanksgiving. Refer back to #1.
    Third, I am thinking she knew exactly what was going on and is reconnecting to her “base” in Alaska as well as sending a message to all those “Bob the Turkey Farmers” out there that she knows what goes on. Wink, wink. Refer back to #1.
    fourth, at least the good people of California voted for prop 2.

  • NoContest

    Two turkeys – one photo.
    Palin as VP?
    Lots to be thankful for.

  • Our Paul

    The trick is to turn the video on, close your eyes, and just listen. The problem is that after Sarah mangles the language a couple of times, the urge to look at the times button becomes almost irresistible…

  • Karen

    I just know I’m going to throw away an afternoon doing an animation of that turkey getting decapitated in her coffee cup. Too hard to resist.

  • demit

    I think the east coast, as well as the west coast and all the regions in between, will run out of interest long before she runs out of stunts. Four years is a long time for a one trick pony to keep up the entertainment value.

  • g

    God, she’s the comedy gift that just keeps giving, isn’t she?

  • rapier

    Does she want power or does she want wealth. She could quit politics today and gain stupendous wealth. She could call her own shots for a TV gig. Owning the whole thing. Books, magazines, personal appearances. The Ophra of the right someone suggested. That might nix a run for presidency. It would be the smart move. A bruising 2 year battle and almost certain defeat. It’s all up to God and if he calls her I guess. Let’s see if she runs for governor again.

  • ice weasel

    I disagree with the main interpretation here. This is the same argument we heard so much about bush eight or nine years ago, genius or idiot?
    In Palin’s case it’s clear, she’s an idiot. I do agree that she would do anything, and I mean anything, to annoy duh libruls and grab some face time. That’s been drilled into her enough for it to take hold but what I think you missed was the direction and camera work here. That’s mostly, if not completely outside of Palin’s control. In fact, she may not even know the camera operator is shooting wide in a situation where, in most cases, the operator would zoom in on her after an establishing shot. No, I think the folks shooting the interview walked palin into a beautiful little situation and took advantage of it (and her).
    A smart pol would have immediately looked at the surroundings for the setup and said, “Uh, maybe not right here” no matter which constituency they want to piss off or appeal to.
    If you insist on giving her more credit than I want to, it demonstrates just how far she’ll go to make a point (though what point that is I’m not exactly sure).
    palin is the gift that will never stop giving because she’s a rather dim publicity whore without enough sense to stage her opportunities very well. Add in a media that loves stupid (and that isn’t all that bright themselves) and you have a beautiful relationship.

  • stevelaudig

    I’m showing my age here but Agnew had the same sort of perfection about his style as does Palin. It was like there was what I took as the “real world” and then there was Agnew world-separate, distinct, perfect in itself. Reminds me of Bizarro-world from the Superman comics of the 50’s that were forbidden me. There is an inarguablly correct logic from [what to me are] factually incorrect premises. But a certain percentage of the human population has [indeed seemingly cannot not have] these factual premises and their [bizarro] world arises on these foundations. They have basic facts right but cannot only handle a few foundational facts. I’ll have to think on this more before posting again. Palin also worries me. She could be Hitler in Munich in 1923 [?] with McCain playing the role of Ludendorff. If the recession becomes the depression I fear then the best mongerer will win. Don’t beat me up too much on the historical parallels as I know they don’t do anything other than give obscure warnings. But the girl is on to something and although cluesless, in my sense, she is only differently stupid, not truly stupid. I’m hoping for continuing financial scandals ala Agnew to wear her down.

  • JM

    “My fantasy, for a second, was that our friend in the background had Mitt Romney by the feet” and “Do they make those funnel things in a size large?” Classy. Very, very classy. Way to elevate the dialogue.

  • g

    For what its worth, her spokesperson came out with a statement that she didn’t realize what was going on behind her.
    That may well be true, since the woman is so self-absorbed she doesn’t pay attention to anything but herself.
    The story at MSNBC the other day was that she’d been asked if she was OK with the location, and she’d said it was fine. That’s probably true, too – I imagine that she was so eager to get on camera that she didn’t think it through, and realize the implication.
    But now her spokespeople are trying to disassociate her with the decision. I really don’t think she intended for this image to occur. Nor do I think she was sending out some kind of machiavellian coded message to fellow blood-thirsty hunters.
    But I DO think she was clueless enough, and had bad enough judgement not to realize what could happen, and ignorant enough not to “get” how important it is to manage your public image.
    anyone who wants to support this woman for a major policy-making position should keep her utter cluelessness in mind, regardless of your ideology.

  • Pants Elk

    JM writes: “”My fantasy, for a second, was that our friend in the background had Mitt Romney by the feet” and “Do they make those funnel things in a size large?” Classy. Very, very classy. Way to elevate the dialogue.”
    Tell me, JM, you ever hear the phrase “lighten up” mentioned in your personal vicinity? The idea of the large-size Palin funnel is, simply, brilliantly funny. Don’t get me wrong – the woman scares the sh*t out of me. I’m laughing at her jaw-dropping stupidity at the same time I’m seeing all her followers, and they’re not laughing at all – more like marching in step. She is entirely representative of a sizable and very loud proportion of the the US population. They love her. The Palin dudes and the hockey moms whoever they are. They love her because she’s as stupid as they are, and as cunning and as venal.

  • JM

    Oh, right. Images are loaded, but jokes are just jokes. If some Rethug had said something like, “They shoulda been shoving Hillary in there, hurr, hurr, hurr,” everyone here would have been fired up with righteous indignation–and rightly so. But, what? We’re progressives, so it’s cute when we do it? Please. Romney and Palin certainly are cunning and venal, and they deserve about as much respect as a turkey, but that’s better than to be shoved into a decaptiation funnel, even in fun. Meanwhile, “brilliantly funny”? Maybe if you’re six. Twelve, tops. I’m not saying there aren’t jokes to be made here; I’m just saying that I want better jokes. We progressives are supposed to be the smart ones, remember?

  • David H.

    MSNBC’s Countdown devoted their final segment Thursday to the turkey disaster. This segment is usually devoted to crass pop culture and so Palin’s antics fit right in. MSNBC played it as the joke it was, not giving it serious news coverage. Check the headlines they put up during the interview for proof.
    There’s always room for levity, even on a serious news show. This was far better than CNN’s Rick Sanchez embarrassing misreading of the G20 “story” about Bush supposedly being shunned by his peers.
    And Palin has been on TV enough in her life to know exactly what was going to be in the shot during the interview. She can play dumb (her specialty) all she wants, but she knew the turkey juicer was working in the background. Why she thought it was a good idea will remain a mystery.

  • Books Alive

    Re: MSNBC. David Schuster used the comedic “Breaking News” statements that many of us missed bc we were either glued to Palin’s face or either watching/studiously ignoring the slaughter scene, which Schuster was describing. I saw the new long ad, a “Thank You, Sara Palin” commercial on the same channel last night. MSNBC appeared determined to run it several times an hour this morning, so I switched off the TV. Hope that they don’t continue it the rest of the weekend!
    Here’s the Thanksgiving version, one of several now available.

  • Pants Elk

    Hey, JM, lighten up!

  • redX

    For what its worth her spokesperson (one of them) also came out and said they did know about the background and she said -its all good- (or whatever).
    Stupid backdrop nationally, not sure what she was going for there. Clear she will keep lying forever though.
    I think its pretty “funny” in many ways since there will be a turkey on the table of about 99% of people in a few days and I am sure 100% of the talking heads/media.

  • donna

    SNL and Tina Fey resign in redundancy.

  • Dr William Dyer

    There were actually two narratives overladen on a single setting, and I am left thinking we are in a place like the old image of two faces or a goblet being seen.
    Rather then a more neutral, statehouse event like the White House pardon, Palin did the folksier, down to earth Governor version of the annual turkey pardon. While there she also set up and took part in an interview that she used to establish her credentials as person who knows and is comfortable with the comings and goings of farm life. While there is a question as to how she viewed the killing, the point as far Palin was concerned was that she made herself accessible. Overall she used the event to display her bonafides to her target demographic.
    While that is going on the reportage shows some conscious effort to display the second version of events. I guess it is conscious, since Palin does not quite have her shoulders squared to the camera and all the cameraman needed to do was shift himself over slightly to keep Palin centered and the slaughter out of shot. The second look is where a person of power imitates magnanimity to save an individual, all the while countless others are unacknowledged or ignored and meet their unpleasant end. This reinforced as the responses Palin gives to the interview questions are frequently generalities, canned responses, or straight up bull shitting. The interview team presented Palin’s words as almost disingenuous compared to her actions the same way her pardon is in contrast to her standing aside and chatting casually while the kill occurs.
    In the end I am left with the impression that the whole scene is a goblet with two people behind it about to kiss.

  • Eddy

    With JM on this one – tasteless joke (even as a liberal myself). I cringed when I came across it in the post from our usually tactful correspondent, and I’m glad someone challenged it in the comments.

  • Michael (The BAG)

    I retract the Romney reference (and I blame it on Friday).

  • yesterday gone

    Palin’s totally got the EECLM’s number.
    can we really credit her this much savvy? after all, this is the same woman who got punked by a painfully obvious fake sarkozy. were there rightwingers that cheered the public display of beheading turkeys? how does this play into the culture wars? you want photo ops that improve your image, not further damage it.
    to me it suggests a streak a pathological indifference to suffering. she simply didn’t care that creatures were being slaughtered. they’re unimportant.
    my thought was she was trying to undo earlier damage. i think she hoped that literally getting into the muck would undo the portrait of her as a big-spending shopoholic diva. that was my first impression of the setting. how dirty everything was. the exact opposite of what one would want to present in a public ceremony. this is as far away from neiman marcus as one can get.

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