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November 2, 2008

Is The NYT Effing Kidding With This Grant Park Election Night Preview?

NYT Grant Park.jpg

Isn’t this supposed to be the “change” election?

If this was coming from Michelle Malkin or Steve Schmidt, even, I wouldn’t be surprised, but … the NYT had the gall to run this photo from Grant Park in ‘68 its election night preview. (If you click the photo, by the way, you’ll see the actual full size on It also appears on A18 of the print edition.)

I’m just stunned.

Is this any way for the country’s most influential media organization to set the table for a Grant Park opening night of America’s first African-American-led administration?

(image: UPI)

  • smilinggoat

    Just because you buy into the hype of “change” and believe that racial unity will just magically appear, doesn’t mean it matches reality. When Obama wins there are going to be many upset people.
    I voted for Obama, but be wary of much of his Kool-Aid you swill.

  • arty

    Grow up, kids, it’s their newspaper. Perhaps you would prefer they ran pictures of Queen Elizabeth, or maybe Pope John Paul II, both of whom drew huge crowds to Grant Park.
    “Gall” seems a bit out of place here, suggesting that the last forty years haven’t sunk in yet.

  • martin

    Whole on a moment. Bag-folk. you are exactly the people arraigned to caucus against this sort of malfesiance. If you dont proto-deconstruct these sort of images. who will not wont. Having long been accused of failing to present a point. I ask you; how incendiary is this: lightningspeed.
    No single aspect of the above relates Obama or Mcain.
    Said elect has been allowed to pussytoe around Iraq. granted. And singular mentions of Afgahnistan. to his credit; the opposition has failed to engage. Not so much a grant as a dispossition.
    from the outside, we approached this election because of the scale of failures. An apparent willingness to incorporate. willing coalate failures. Backing you: because you told us there where no alternatives. By degree.
    Failures to decris are borne into our conscience. hence the collective will of our phailure to issue raise. race and attend to how Afghanistan should not become aknew killing field. Go near it with the same slack-jaw. and we will attend. Meantimes. Sir: we salute you. US without the incorporate solutions.
    A bag without a backbone

  • harrier

    A bizarre photo choice for sure; I’m not sure just what point the NYT (one of the freepers’ most-hated newspapers, by the way) was trying to make.
    I don’t expect a ton of national unity (whatever that is) if Obama wins, but I certainly don’t expect civil war… we did that already.
    “Kool-Aid”? We’re talking about an Illinois senator who has made *no* radical proposals, and needs the support of both Congress and the judiciary. Sure, the bigots came out, but I’ll take an honest bigot over a lame “he’s too different” whiner any day of the week.
    p.s. to Martin: What?

  • ids

    And if the election is stolen from Obama, nobody would complain.

  • richard dent

    I had a different reaction to the photo. I am from Chicago and was chased out of Grant Park in 1968. To me, it is an amazing sign of progress that Grant Park may be the scene of the Obama victory party. Plus, media often reflexively run “then and now” photos.

  • David H.

    This photo would’ve been appropriate for a then & now piece on a Democratic national convention held in Chicago. Except there wasn’t one this year. There was real conflict and strife over the war and over who the Democrats would nominate back then. Tying this photo to this election takes quite a bit of twisted logic. They can roll this one out in four years when the convention will almost surely be held in Chicago again.
    Interesting how the National Guardsmen, especially the one in the foreground, don’t seem especially interested, almost bored, with their task. Strange, especially with so many people apparently shouting in their faces. Wish we had a broader view. This could be a few guardsmen and a few protesters or it could be part of a massive face-off about to blow. But the bored look on the one Guardsman’s face seems to imply there’s less conflict in the offing than the photo initially suggests.

  • Liz

    Now David H. – You have a brain! Nailed it. The face bored face struck me too. Although I do understand effing kidding’s initial sensitivity. It’s a smaller point though, yet, there is a reason you never hear politicians talk about assassination. Nobody want to give anybody any ideas, or entertain the thought, etc. DIdn’t someone (Barak or Hillary?) mention the word and get some fallout for it?

  • Mike T

    Where’s your sense of irony? That photo represents where our country was 40 years ago, and last night it showed how far we’ve come.

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