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November 17, 2008

Honeymoon Plus


How big a figure did Obama cut on 60 Minutes last night? Well, watching anybody else that close up would probably give you vertigo.

Obama-60-Minutes-2.jpg Obama-60-Minutes-3.jpg Obama-60-Minutes-4.jpg Obama-60-Minutes-5.jpg Obama-60-Minutes-1.jpg

Probably the best part, however, was watching Steve Kroft in the give-and-(mostly)-take regarding the dog and the mother-in-law. Even better, though — given the intensity of the honeymoon (and the warmth and gentle ribbing between Barack and Michelle) — was the choice of sponsor.

  • Books Alive

    Ah, at last, the smile, and more than one in an interview! (Old joke: what’s the longet word in the dictionary? Smiles, because it’s got a mile between it.)

  • Antonio

    The close up shots of both Mr. and Mrs. Obama floored me. Obviously, since you bring up, the effect had more to do with the choice than with me.
    I’m certain that 60 Minutes has used these before, but I’m not sure that quite in this way for an interview of this type.
    I also found the framing reminiscent of the Time cover of October, 2006 and Rolling Stone of July, 2008. This link between the interview and the covers leads me to think of two options: Barack has mastered the art of acting to the level of a master thespian, or the man has achieved a remarkable and reassuring comfort with who he is.
    I hope for the latter, only because the need for the first becomes irrelevant during those taxing stretches of the ceremonial Presidency. (I suggest that my hope is well-founded, as evidenced by the President-Elect’s reference to Mr. Kroft as “man”, not once but two or three times!)

  • Gasho

    I watched Obama on 60 minutes last night and he was asked what he was reading… and said “Lincoln”. He didn’t just say he was inspired by it — he said he found it “helpful”!!! I thought – Oh my God! He understands his position of power. He is smart and wise enough to lead our nation in the right direction. He’s reading Lincoln as a peer.
    I know people are trying to temper our expectations and I know, Michael, that you’re concerned with the diety frame being used in dangerous ways, but he’s looking good. He’s sounding good. He’s giving us hope beyond the mere slogan of hope. He’s not campaigning anymore and he seems smarter and more capable than ever.

  • Michael (“The BAG”)

    Gasho, I appreciate your point. I think it’s hard to come out of the defensive crouch after the election. I did go back and add the Kroft pics, etc. Have to also say I got a real kick out of that interview. Obama and Michelle are amazingly loose, and funny.

  • Hubris Sonic

    You did not say “ribbing”.

  • Spencer

    Worth noting that mentioning the name of the sponsor causes comments to get caught in the spam filter. I hope my other comment makes it through :)

  • jean

    Somewhere a year or so ago, this blog was commenting on the little spot of gray on Obama’s temple. Now look, he’s just frosty all over. So soon.

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