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November 14, 2008

Hillary And Barack II ?

Obama Hillary Convention.jpg

Is Obama really willing to deal with the amount of political oxygen Hillary would consume? And, how does this image — taken while Obama watched Hillary’s speech on the second night of the DNC — inform the potential cabinet offer?

Far from being intimidated by Hillary, maybe the laugh reflects confidence that Obama could profit by Hillary, and the two, from each other. Even more, it seems Obama understands Clinton brings a force which, for better or worse, can only elevate his game.

And then, strictly with the visuals in mind, how could you not love Hillary taking over for Condi, and a resumption of the Obama – Clinton show?

(image: Jim Young/Reuters. Billings, Montana, August 26, 2008)

  • boxcar

    having hrc on the cabinet can only elevate obama’s game.
    Really? Based on what?
    Clinton is a time bomb and not a team player.
    She belongs on the supreme court.
    Having her anywhere near the inner workings of obama-lot is like
    putting terrell owens on any team. Just Say No.

  • McNeal

    I can see this work to be honest. If he were to go through with this and appoint HRC, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stack his entire team with Stars. He would exemplify the new type of manager to me.
    I’m in management consultancy and to us a manager is no more about objectives and targets, but about intuition and vision, no longer about being the smartest, but the one coordinating the intellect of his team. He is about trust. Obama could be this new manager and create “the best political team even in the White House”.
    Imagine if he were to appoint a big name to every position in his cabinet … the political strength of that team would simply be historic. So yeah, this could work, but only if he continues what he starts by doing this. It can’t be just about him and HRC, but Richardson, Kerry, Dean,… got to come on board as well.

  • Stephen Rose

    The next act would be Richardson or Kerry as Ambassador to China.

  • kat

    Obama seems to be comfortable with, and not intimidated by, strong women. (He was married to an attorney who was an attorney BEFORE he was, he relies upon Valerie Jarrett as a close advisor, etc.) I agree that he doesn’t seem intimidated by Hillary and seems to be building a cabinet with the skill of a manager/organizer instead of with the ego/power of a general/military model. (This could be my wishful thinking, I admit.)
    However, since we’re talking about visual dynamics, Obama seems more integrated than most politicians. More balanced. More a mix of reflection and action.
    Symbolically, Obama is of mixed race. I LOVE that fact. He’s not “black” any more than he is “white.” I love the symbolism of that. His mixed ethnicity will help us integrate our collective shadow and ego. Hopefully, we’ll begin to identify people as PEOPLE, not as “black,” “white,” “hispanic,” etc. We need more and different boxes to check than just “black” “caucasian” “asian” “hispanic.” We are no longer just these and Obama is the picture of the future.

  • B.

    I love that Obama appointed Hillary. I think he has the best interest of people in mind and that he is being wise in his choices. I don’t like this particular photo though.

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