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November 4, 2008

BNN Blogging The Visual Side Of The Election Returns

8:53 PST Olbermann’s analogy:


King.jpg5:06 PST: CNN just projects 10 states at once. Looks like big sheet of postage stamps on digital screen. “I’ll take 8 blue Obamas please.”

5:11 PST: CNN showing crowd in Grant Park watching/cheering for themselves on CNN monitors. Seems all too incestuous.

5:19 PST: Boys choir onstage at Phoenix Biltmore. Shoot me now.

5:31 PST: Still can’t figure out that weird electronic chart that Bill Schneider and Soledad O’Brian are playing with.

hologram.jpg5:48 Maybe MSNBC is the second biggest winner of the night. Notice Chuck Todd playing it down the middle with that purple tie.

6:08 Biggest drama of the night so far (left – click to enlarge). CNN beams reporter into the studio via hologram.

6:20 Briefly punctuating a suddenly uncertain picture (talking heads having thinking red thoughts re: VA and FLA), we see Jean Shaheen in periwinkle against a periwinkle background.

grantpark.jpg6:35 Like that NM effect. First blue box below national mid-line.

6:41 Vibe shifting. A little less obsession on the map, more shots of masses streaming toward Grant Park. Questions now about what Obama had for dinner.

7:06 Pics to get very interesting now. Seeing shots from Harlem, Grant Park, Rock Center, Time Square. In next few hours, we’ll see huge throngs across U.S. sending the love. Most important audience: the rest of the (Bush-free) world.

7:32 Bennett, Borger, Gergen self-consciously stumbling and fumbling trying to talk about race and the Republican party. So embarrassing I can’t watch.

7:37 MSNBC just showed a shot of Obama celebration in Birmingham. Hoping to get on-the-scene images from (Our Man In Alabama) Mario Tama tomorrow.

7:40 Oh, what a disappointment. Just saw people applying color to the state map on the ice rink at Rock Center. With all the wiz-bang special effects this year, they couldn’t do it digitally?

7:44 Chi Trib doing a running update on their Grant Park slide show. Shot above by Phil Velasquez.

7:57 Ahh, what a relief. Flipped over to C-SPAN2, a non-commercial live feed from Grant Park. CNN, the supposedly international network just flashed brief video from Sydney, Kenya, Johannesburg. Enough with the hegemony. The world won!


Shell Obama.jpg

The Campaign from Obama’s Point of View. Callie Shell: Beaver Creek, Michigan. Passing through, August 31, 2008.

8:29 PST – Well, nothing more inspiring than seeing a huge crowd celebrating at the gates of the White House. Finally, taking it back.

(image: NASA – Neil Armstrong descending the ladder on the lunar module.)
  • Now is the hard part

    My first thought when I saw the Biltmore boys singing was the deck of the Titanic.

  • Josh S

    If anyone catches this tonight, its well worth it to check out current’s feed airing on television-
    Really unique approach. Maybe it’s just a great example about how ‘fun’ politics have to be made to grab an audience, but speaking as a college student who’s sitting around with peers, we’re loving it. Great music, simple graphics showing just the facts, and tweets from all over the place getting in their say. We were channel surfing and found it by accident, not sure why they didn’t promote it more before now. Worth discussing?

  • richard dent

    Spare me Jesse Jackson. Great night for the real people.

  • charlie

    the picture from the moving vehicle of people waving is kind of a cheap imitation. RFK was dead.

  • thomas

    Spare me Jesse Jackson. Great night for the real people.

  • La Cabeza

    @richard dent: I’m with you. Enough of opportunist Jackson. I wonder from whence these tears flow? His own failed attempts at the Presidency and his anger at seeing his younger, abler “rival” succeed? Or, perhaps embarrassment over his own derisive remarks (“oh, am I wearing a mic”)?

  • Drocket

    I have to disagree with the comments above regarding Jesse Jackson. I thought the shot of him crying was one of the most moving images of the night. Yeah, he has a massive ego and has some rather out-there ideas, but he’s still someone who’s worked his entire life for justice and racial equality. I have no doubts but that those were tears of joy for seeing something he worked towards for decades, something he probably never thought he’d live to witness.

  • Sean

    HI From Australia!
    Congratulations and THANK YOU America! As a photographer I had to photograph what I was experiencing and like many I am sure, I spent hours in front of the TV screen flicking from channel to channel, photographing it the whole time! I had to record where I was at this momentous time in history.
    My photographic series is called “The 2008 U.S. Election Through the Lens of Andrew Taylor and Other Cameramen”
    Please check it out!
    GO The BIG O!

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