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November 8, 2008

Blue Period

Palin Anchorage.JPG

These “Welcome Back” decorations remind me of a child’s birthday party, and I don’t think the association is an accident.

In fact, this photo is probably one of the most honest and unspun portraits of Sarah Palin I’ve seen. What it speaks to is her very real immaturity or lack of emotional development. (Along those lines, check out the accompanying NYT article and the embarrassing AP video in which Palin calls her McCain antagonists “jerks.”)

The other thing that came to mind when I first saw this picture was how Obama cancelled the fireworks for the Grant Park victory celebration. He just didn’t think it was the right message to send while the economy was bleeding out.

(image: Al Grillo/Associated Press. Anchorage. November 7, 2008)

  • Harold Pomeroy

    The trash can is the central to this picture. It’s big, messy in an otherwise tidy office, its lines point at Palin, and it is not accompanied by a recycling bin. I feel like there was editorial intent here.
    Also, what’s with her staring at the animal carcass on the couch?

  • steve

    Ya, looks like the couch could walk around! Perhaps it’s really a fur lined tanning bed.
    Since the Dems won the blue balloons are quite appropriate. Into the trash can after this photo, for sure.
    This room looks like a suite at a Double Tree, or any other hotel chain.
    > Bag, check this fellow bagger …
    : )

  • Clem Guttata

    Nothing says faux-party quite like a solitary figure in a room full of balloons.
    The desolate view, dead animals, lack of company… there’s no connectedness.

  • hyde

    Two things came to mind.
    Interesting the balloons are all blue given how the blue states just messed up her life.
    It has become a frequent college prank to fill anothers’ room with balloons as a matter of annoyance. Some how it does not look like a festive room, but only a mess to clean up. Perhaps the solitary figure creates that.

  • donna

    Guess they can’t afford helium since they spent all the money on clothes?
    After the site, I want to click on all the balloons and hear the air slowly leaking out of them, and see what the dead animal on the couch has to say….

  • Duros62

    Too bad. So sad.
    After the site, I want to click on all the balloons and hear the air slowly leaking out of them, and see what the dead animal on the couch
    Have you been there since Tuesday? It’s nice.
    I wondered about the no fireworks at Grant Park. Yet another example of Barack’s in-touchness with the people.

  • Roschelle

    know how fond you are of images. Check out this artistic interpretation of what the morning after may have been like for John McCain and Sarah Palin…

  • steve talbert

    I don’t think it looks childlike.. it looks to me more like her secretaries made a sign and blew some balloons up. The office is vacant of people, because it is her office and her ‘workers’ would be out in the hall/open office area unless invited in.
    Remember that that whole state of Alaska is basically like the city of Memphis. It’s what I would expect at the Memphis mayor’s office birthday party.
    Oh, and her head gaze is above and to the right of the level of the carcass… so she is probably looking at the horizon out the windwo and wondering if she really CAN see Russia from her office.

  • nenabeans

    no books, no diplomas, no feng shui, nice new boots!

  • tallulahbankhead

    I see the photo as conveying Sarah Palin’s possible regret at having to return to her small pond after
    the adulation she received from her newfound base. She longs for this love and attention and she is planning how she will get it back.
    Ted Stevens will not be Senator for long.
    I wonder if McCain knows just how well he was played by his soulmate running mate?

  • lsamsa

    Nothing screams power more than dead animals everywhere, or parts thereof…nasty woman.

  •[email protected]/ DennisQ

    I’m with Gov. Palin on this one. The guys surrounding McCain would like nothing better than to blame the loss on a woman. This excuses them from having to address the mistakes they made in the campaign.
    The failure that sunk McCain – more than any other – was his inability or refusal to distance himself from Bush. A second failure is that the McCain we saw was not at all likeable. If you didn’t know him before the campaign, he didn’t give you any reason to vote for him. In the end, a vote for McCain was a vote for a grumpy old guy who’d continue the same stupid policies as George Bush.
    How convenient for Team McCain to blame it all on somebody they probably didn’t like to begin with. She’s right – it is cowardly to criticize her anonymously and after the fact. Maybe this will raise Palin’s political consciousness – there are a lot of sexist creeps in America, and an inordinate number of them are Republicans.

  • dogfood

    That thing on the couch was a grizzly bear. Dear old dad killed it. That must be a record-size King Crab on the table. Everything around this soulless woman is dead. More pictures of her office and carcasses here:
    Don’t think she’s gone away either. She’s plotting her return to the national scene. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Spencer

    She looks profoundly alone. And because of this, I stop and think: did I ever see her connect with another human being in the course of this campaign? I think about the natural warmth between Barack and Michelle Obama, and can’t imagine anything to compare in the whole of the McCain/Palin Cindy/Todd crew.
    I mean, every time I saw her with Todd, he was trailing behind her, or standing apart. No connection. But maybe that was by design, to keep her from seeming dependent on a man, from showing weakness.
    The times she would be with McCain, there would be this whole awkward shake/don’t shake, hug-but-not-too-close, first-date thing going one.
    Even with her baby, I can’t remember seeing her look down into his eyes. Just holding him like a sack, and looking elsewhere. I realize he’s a Down’s child, and perhaps not very responsive, but still, you try.
    So amazing that she was the great hope of McCain’s campaign, the only life it had, and now she’s being thrown under a bus, which has been hit by a freight train, which has tumbled into a ravine.
    They eat their own.
    I start to feel sorry for her, and then I remember: “pallin’ around with terrorists.” The sympathy abates.

  • shane

    Nothing to feel sorry for her about. Dressed in funereal black, the lone flower on her desk (that’s the best her staff could do?), the dead animals, the balloons that should be buoyant but lie around on the floor….it’s exactly what remains of her atrocious gambit in the limelight. The thing that strikes me most about her is her monstrous ambition – not exuberant optimism, but cynical, absolutely ruthless clutching at power.

  • Robin Farley

    To start with I was absolutely and from the first minute against Palin as VP. I thought it was the equivalent of John McCain giving us all the finger. But I think we have to be a little careful when we attack her. She is “every woman” with a decided right wing, religious zealot bent. But do we really know what happened inside the campaign? The gang that is rushing to throw her under the bus are the folks who picked her and the folks who would say anything, anything, to get their man elected. There is probably never been such a scurrilous bunch of sociopaths to run a national campaign. So what really happened? Did she refuse preparation or was she just so out of her depth that no amount of preparation would suffice? Did she spend $150K on clothes or did the campaign spend $150K on clothes some of which they gave her and some of which they’re wearing today? Bottom line we don’t know what went on.
    I think that Palin will fade into the memory hole and we’re good to be rid of her. But maybe she’ll get elected Senator from Alaska. However she is packaged she apparently believes some nutty things. Her position on abortion and science is way outside the mainstream which has moved enough to the left that a person like Palin should be easy pickings in any future national campaign.
    We don’t have to waste our time fretting about Palin. If somehow she emerges from this debacle as a national candidate she will again energize the base and again, that won’t be nearly enough for them to win. The GOP base is small and losing more power with every election. By 2012 it will be less than a 1/3 of the voting age population and if we can’t beat them over and over we’re not as smart as we think we are.

  • Megan

    Guess we’re done with bordello red.

  • bartcopfan

    These “Welcome Back” decorations remind me of a child’s birthday party, and I don’t think the association is an accident.
    Hey, Bag, be fair! That’s a “heckuva job” they did to celebrate w/ the party fund of $3.24 they collected from their dozens of officemates….

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