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November 4, 2008

‘08 Parting Shots: Seriously, McCain?


Many Republicans who would normally be consulted about plans and personnel [for a presidential transition] said they had detected little preparation — perhaps, they said, out of a sense that it would only be an exercise in “going through the motions,” as one put it. from: Building a White House Team Before the Election Is Decided (NYT)

Earlier this month, I offered you David Hume Kennerly’s photo of McCain’s dramatic sign off in 2000.

That image, along with this one by photographer Brooks Kraft, is part of an auction for the benefit of the International Center For Journalists. (The on-line bidding closes November 10th, and the exhibition runs through November 1st at the Paley Center for Media in New York. Kraft’s auction page is here.)

It’s easy to look at this photo, taken in ‘07 in Exeter, New Hampshire, and dispense with it as frivolous. On the other hand, its grown increasingly clear — and will likely be much more so starting tomorrow — that McCain’s campaign never deserve to be taken — thus, captured — that seriously.

  • karen

    wow…I didn’t notice until I looked at this photo for the 3rd time that it has a distinct Dorian Gray flavor. The “real” McCain is straight backed and even somewhat elegant looking (unusual for him); the “shadow” McCain looks like a hunched over old man. Not sure if that or the childlike photographer is what you meant by “frivolous,” Bag. But if I had money to spare (and I don’t), I’d bid on this photo.

  • jasperjava

    I see the child-photographer as an observer from the future. Her expression isn’t one of admiration or disapproval, but dispassionate curiosity, like an anthropologist, ethnographer or sociologist. I like Karen’s “Dorian Gray” analysis of the shadow. McCain presents an honorable, charming face to the world, while being nasty, twisted hidden motivations.

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