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October 31, 2008

Your Turn: Miami

Salter Kitch.JPG

I’m interested in your thoughts about this picture. It was part of the NYT’s campaign slideshow yesterday and the caption read this way:

Mark Salter, Mr. McCain’s closest adviser, checked a BlackBerry as he waited for the senator to finish interviews at a Miami radio station.

I haven’t thought about McCain and his campaign exactly this way before, but what Times photographer Stephen Crowley seems to be going for here is how much Mac and his operation — even beyond the small-mindedness — has been about kitsch.

(This also doubles for my Halloween post.)

from 10/31/08 slideshow: Obama and McCain Make Their Cases in the South (NYT)

(image: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

  • cyntax

    I didn’t quite hit on the kitsch angle when I saw this, so would be interested to hear more about that.
    What occurred to me was that the only people listening to McCain at this point are two dimemsional caricatures. As even real republicans (like Eagleburger, Noonan, etc.) abandon McCain , driven away by his choice of Palin and his race-baiting rhetoric, the only people left are the ones who respond to the kinds of attacks McCain is making, and by definition these people have to be essentially two dimensional themselves to find the two dimensional campaign appealing.

  • karen

    kitsch…..especially where the acoustic tiles meet the ceiling. But also, it brings to mind that Salter (McCain) is talking to a fictional audience.

  • MeToo

    Crowley is really working every possible angle to bring some life into these shots. But the energy is not coming from the campaign. The only thing missing in this warped ceilinged room is an analog clock.
    Think about it- would you be spending precious last seconds of your campaign on radio- in Miami? It’s supposed to be face time and wrapping up all the loose ends in a pre-celebration.
    The dead stare glare from these frames tell it all. Scary how time can stand so still.

  • Dan Staley

    I see the older man looking at a deflated Salter as if to say either: ‘whaddaya gonna do now?’ or ‘anyone get back to you about your resume?’. Salter’s back is turned on his cheery mother who is seemingly saying ‘oh, you could be a chef! You LOVE to cook, sweety!’

  • Geoduck

    The thing that stood out for me was the sunglasses(?) perched on his forehead. Looks like a pirate’s eyepatch.

  • central texas

    The caption should be: “hosed”
    Whether he is looking for some response to the resumes he has out or perusing the latest polls, I can’t tell.

  • ginny

    I think I’ve seen Salter photographed before with the sunglasses perched on his head. It looks cheesy and slick when a young guy does it; more cheesy and less slick when an older guy does it. The glassy flatness of the caricatures on either side add their own dimension of slickness.

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