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October 15, 2008

With Apologies To…

Mccain Pueblo


I meant to post this shot the day of the previous debate.  It captures McCain working hard to manufacture some sense of momentum a couple days before the previous showdown in Tennessee.  (It particularly struck me that way after seeing a news clip revealing how McCain seemed to be skipping, running or hopping in short bursts for the media.)

Anyway, almost two weeks later, this simulation of enthusiasm and vigor — bordering on triumphalism and heightened by what also looks like a lunge for red-state red — frames the entire McCain campaign perfectly now (as it has from the beginning) as reaching.

… Within an hour after tonight’s debate at Hofstra, I’ll be constructing The BAG’s “Pics of the Night” post here in real time.

(image: Gerald Herbert.  Pueblo, Colo. Friday, Oct. 3, 2008)

  • Mister Stiffie

    No, it’s clear that he knows how bad he’s going to get crushed, so he’s preparing for his next career move, to active vital senior and boner-pill pitchman like Dole. That scene with the clutching hands is a big improvement on the hackneyed standard dancing advertisement.

  • demit

    That man needs suspenders, bad.

  • jtfromBC

    McCain’s caper suggests,
    Ring around the rosy,
    A pocketful of posies.
    ashes, ashes.
    We all fall down!.

  • Josh Neumann

    Shame on him for his “tax cuts for hte ewalthy.” Why do the people who are the most productive and craete the most jobs deserve a break?
    We should be giving the breaks to the 9-5 employee who creates 0 jobs and is least important to the overall economy. That’s a surefire way to get the economy rolling. The harder you work, the more you have to pay. Obama08!

  • zatopa

    Thanks, BAG, for proposing the mental image of McCain and his acolytes frolicking en flagrante. How lyrical. Careening from extreme to extreme as McCain has been lately — we’re mad! I’m hurt! We’re in control! He’s lying! You’re suffering! We’re excited! and that’s just in the first half hour of the debate) — maybe a lovely circle dance should be next. Ladies, just toss those boxy jackets across the chairs!

  • Scarabus

    Let’s see…. Two men are competing to be the next president of the U.S. And we’re talking about how much coffee one of them drinks? Really!

  • antaresting

    great analogy with the Matisse — impressive memory of the visual context

  • mudkitty

    Matisse…that’s funny! Good one!

  • Marie

    Actually, rather than Matisse, I’m reminded of the Lacoon Group (sp?), of a man entangled from all sides.

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