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October 28, 2008

Pennsylvania Death Knell


The death knell of the McCain campaign?

Larger and larger and larger American flags.

… And one more echo.

(Image from BAGnewsNotes contributer Nina Berman shooting Tuesday’s suspiciously copacetic McCain-Palin reunion rally in Hershey, PA.)

  • thomas

    I think you’re precisely correct. The symbols grow larger and larger to mask the dwindling aspect of the material creatures handling them. Conversely, Obama seems to expand, to grow into the symbolic system we all know and love, filling them with a new and specific life.

  • sledge-O-matic

    “…and he shows them pearly White
    just a jackboot has Macheath yeah…”

  • J. Bill

    There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s an oncoming bus.

  • Prudence Goodwife

    When I think big American flags I think of this image:
    Think he wants to slap America across the face and call us a bunch of whiners?

  • Gasho

    america as a mere shadow of it’s once former great self
    mccain’s hypocritical, straight-talking, low road bus
    driving through the bowels of an empty, dark arena
    if the corrupt and evil men of power
    overtake our vote a third time
    by cheating and stealing and hate propaganda
    we’ll be standing in the dark under an oppressive flag

  • black dog barking

    From a purely practical point of view one needs a pretty big flag to hide all the empty seats. That’s a pretty big flag.

  • demit

    That picture tells me that our country is much bigger than the tag team of one little man sans honor and his arrogant, know-nothing sidekick.

  • Marie

    It looks like they are going to *attempt* to drive that truck/bus? into the stadium. Not gonna fit. Openings for making headway are shrinking. As to whether and what they will try depends on their level of desperation.

  • vicki

    It kind of looks like an ambulance driving in for its victim.

  • Nina Berman

    The bus is the The Straight Talk Express and it’s seen departing Giant Center in Hershey, PA following a McCain-Palin rally. The bus itself was driven into the arena and became a character all its own. People gravitated to it, ogled it, wondered about it, and photographed it, like it was a celebrity, or relic.
    The huge flag served dual purposes. It gave a sense of importance to an event that felt very small. And it concealed all the empty seats that McCain-Palin couldn’t fill.

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