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October 9, 2008

Not Till You’ve Walked In My Shoes

Mccain Pa

“The day that Senator Obama decided to cast a vote to not fund my son while he was serving sent a cold chill through my body, let me tell you,’’ Mrs. McCain said, in an introduction before Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin delivered speeches at Lehigh. “I would suggest that Senator Obama change shoes with me for just one day.’’ — (McCain, Palin Step Up Attacks on Obama – NYT)

It’s just desperate and sad the way McCain uses daughter Meghan to create this all-female front, while employing Cindy to try and emasculate Obama, suggesting he isn’t up to wearing his wife’s heels.

What’s interesting — this being the shot the NYT editors chose to illustrate the latest onslaught — is how Meghan, the most disarming player, is placed front-and-center tempering McCain’s six-shooter gesture while the enforcers serve as bookends.  Of course, the shoes are clearly of interest, Cindy’s as well as Palin’s taller, spikier, glossier, sexier and scarier pair that we’ve already discussed so much here.

If yesterday’s “prisoners” gaffe (playing out the same day as Cindy’s eruption) was indeed spawned by McCain feeling embattled or somehow imprisoned by this campaign, his behavior right now might be understood — demonstrated by the vicious racist and dehumanizing attacks coming out of his camp (almost exclusively by women, I might add) –  as a turning of the tables, seeking to impose on Obama an experience of humiliation.

Besides McCain hiding behind the skirts, does anyone else hear “torture complex?”

(4:13 pm PST/Revised for readability + links.)

(image:  Stephen Crowley/The New York Times.  Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa.  October 8, 2008)

  • donna

    Heels are torture. I haven’t worn them in over 20 years now. After having two kids and the stretched foot ligaments that go with that, heels were agony. Horrible, horrible things that destroy women’s feet.

  • EvilPoet

    Maverick coward is a oxymoron. John McCain = POW = Prisoner Of Women?

  • Iceman

    “…is how Meghan, the most disarming player, is placed front-and-center…”
    Now-now…be Chelsea was first nice see. Otherwise, not a bad looking synopsis Bag.

  • iamnotstarjones

    exclusively coming from white women attacking the black man….if that’s not a throwback to america’s racial history, I don’t know what is.
    if it doesn’t work, we are a better nation.
    if it does, how can we look at each other the same way ever again?

  • Liberal AND Proud

    Nice rack on Meghan.

  • Samantha

    I see something more in this photo, and I see two halves, not Meghan center stage.
    McCain and Palin are separated from Cindy and Meghan by what seems like a chasm. And maybe it is. Notwithstanding the fact that Sarah is his real defacto partner, not Cindy, this divide seems to symbolize a fracture with the GOP itself. As Noonan and others have pointed out, the party is in disarray and at odds with itself. And here, we can see the old guard represented by Cindy and Meghan, with their conservative clothes, opaque stockings, stepford smiles and friendly wave. On the right, is a breakaway neocon version of the party, with their aggressive pointed gesturing (even Palin’s wave seems like a point), forward lean, shiny black suits and stiletto heals. If we had Pat Buchannan on stage, perhaps we’d see a third rail. But for now, the emphasis is on a single split, framed by 2 sets of lights, and 2 visually separate crowds.

  • Puka

    Cap’n Queeg is such a gnome, how does he tolerate all these women in high heels making him seem even shorter?

  • nostick

    Has anybody seen a recent photo that show’s Palin’s feet and legs framing a male rally spectator? I can’t find it.

  • croatoan

    Senator McCain also cast a vote to not fund her son while he was serving. Obama voted for a funding measure that had a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, and McCain voted against it.
    And why does Cindy McCain keep wearing Star Wars uniforms?

  • MonsieurGonzo

    Wiki => Meghan McCain : “is an aspiring fashion designer.
    . . . !
    from her blog… Song of the Day : Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf
    . . . !!
    jesus. you can’t make this sh*t up. Madame! Hey, Madame!
    Roll another one! Just like the other one.
    What?? You’ve had enough! Your eyes look like two 3-Balls. WTF have you been doing?!!
    Leave Michael alone!
    Give me the Bag, woman!
    Oh… Here. What the hell is that? there, on your screen??
    You can’t make this sh*t up!
    OMG!!! Give me that Bag, man!

  • Veronica

    Have you seen this shot from Indianapolis:
    You’ve probably seen a lot more of these photos than I have, but what struck me was all the young white guys reaching in for a handshake. Their expressions are so different from those of the black women closest to Barack. The women seem proud while the men seem crazy excited to shake Barack’s hand. This image contrasts so sharply with the racist image Indiana seems to have in the national media.
    This one is just funny:
    It’s at a small baseball park in Dayton, OH. The dragons combined with the shadows on Barack’s face give a threatening air to the photo. It’s funny to me because I’ve been to the Dayton Dragon’s ball park and recognized the scoreboard.

  • zoinks, jinky

    Umm, shouldn’t someone ask Cindy McCain if it felt worse, or colder down her icy spine, when her own husband voted against the troops. Why does John McCain hate the troops, including his own son?
    Secondly, only that horse-faced woman on Sex and the City could afford to buy a pair of Cindy’s shoes. Does Cindy really want to be pointing out her haute couture? Let them eat cupcakes!
    Thirdly, my fellow prisoners? Isn’t he getting ahead of himself? I guess he has planned out all the corruption and backscratching in his administration and forgot it hadn’t happened yet.
    Sad, as a veteran I used to kinda like McCain. He was by far the most reasonable choice the GOP could have made, and yet he has come to be everything he hates.
    I won’t comment on Megan, though I am sure the other side would, if the shoe was on the other foot. Using their logic, however, if the Alaskan Independence party advocates violence in their seccession, then Todd Palin is a domestic terrorist. The exchange of bodily fluids is far more intimate than any Obama had with that DFH.

  • jc

    Having the females do his dirty work………..
    What a dishonorable and cowardly man he is.

  • bystander

    nostick, this could be what you were looking for (h/t Think Progress). Not sure why anyone would want to spend any amount of time at News Busters, however.

  • quincyscott

    Where the heck is the McCains’ other daughter, the one who is adopted? Or, why isn’t Palin’s husband up there? This campaign is weird, weird, weird.

  • thomas

    Cindy’s remark, particularly her choices in constructing it, are really, really astonishing. It’s related as though Obama whistled at her.
    Which boy was it that whistled at you, ma’am?
    “That one.”

  • black dog barking

    Simply irresistible.

    Shes a natural law, and she leaves me in awe
    She deserves the applause, I surrender because
    She used to look good to me, but now I find her
    Simply irresistible
    Simply irresistible

    Cindi will get him back after the election.

  • rapier

    Where is the McCain’s adopted Pakistani daughter? Was she at the convention? Has she ever been mentioned at all by anyone during the campaign?

  • Seishi

    I can’t afford Cindy McCain’s shoes.

  • The BAG

    bystander, thanks for the link. If Newsbusters seemed inclined to take issue with the pics of Palin with the boys framed between her legs, I think they’re fair game. I can just hear the feigned protest over sexism coming from the McCain camp when, honestly, I think their true discomfort would come from the sight of the boys yawning.
    QuincyScott, check out the BAG’s final post from the RNC. It covers a lot of territory, but includes the exploitation of Bridget. Her absence reminds me of the political dynamics surrounding why we didn’t see that much of Mary Cheney in ‘00 and ‘04.
    Iceman, Meghan’s presence seem noteworthy to me as sudden addition to the lineup now that we’re in the last few weeks of the campaign, whereas Chelsea was a continuous fixture and source of support to Hillary similar to the way Lieberman was to McCain before Palin showed up (or, before Schmidt took over).

  • nostick

    Ah, thanks, bystander. I didn’t remember that the men were wearing pink t-shirts. Incredible. Obviously the same event. The psychosexual subtext is as subtle as a flying hammer.

  • g

    It’s extremely unusual for a candidate’s wife to go negative. How desperate are they?

  • Books Alive

    Cindy’s interview with Marie Claire magazine offers her view on how being a “trained” graduate of the Naval Academy prevented Sen McCain’s having post-traumatic stress as compared to “untrained” enlisted 18-year-olds! Keith Olbermann and Jon Soltz discuss it in the first minute here.

  • KansasKowboy

    I agree with black dog barking, If McCain looses this election. And I am pretty sure at this point he will. I bet it won’t be long before Cindy divorces John. McCain’s political career will be over and they won’t need each other anymore. Kids or no kids.

  • Sarer

    From the neck up, Meghan looks ready to perform at the Grand Old Opry. From the neck down, to be the ingenue mourner at a Star Trek funeral. Oh, and cap sleeves are not her friend.

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