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October 14, 2008

If The Visual Media Had The Nerve

Palin-Real-2 Palin-Real-1

I’m so tired of updates like “A Riveting Speaker, Waving the Flag,” today’s NYT Palin political memo that softens and soft-peddles someone so wayward and thoroughly incendiary.  If the photo accompanying the article hints at something off (Palin with a sour look on her face), it, too, is way too subtle a commentary on this provocative steamroller dishing out her daily helping of irrational hate.

If the visual media had the nerve, the two shots above — the first illustrating that signature Stepford-like, angry-hard conviction and the other framing the outright ranting and raving — would be more representative of the daily fare branding the Palin show.  Instead however, these shots — representing a commentary in itself — are parked in a completely media-safe place, in a NY Magazine candidate funny-face slide show

(images: Getty Images)

  • jtfromBC

    and it came to pass ~
    PALLIN : “It’s not negative and not mean-spirited in a campaign to check out our opponent’s record,”…citing Mr. Obama’s positions on late-term abortions. Smiling, she added, “I’ll let you judge for yourself.”
    [OBAMA: "On an issue like partial birth abortion, I strongly believe that the state can properly restrict late-term abortions."]
    PALLIN : “God’s standards are the final measure.”
    GOD : “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”

  • bystander

    So it’s not just the print media, or the television media that’s gutless. Although, if the photos exist, then there’s a camera man/woman somewhere snapping the shot. And, perhaps, not unlike the photogs in Iraq, what gets published isn’t really up to them. So, when the Revolution comes we need to go after the editors.
    The only good news is, if McCain and Palin are sent to the locker room defeated, we’ll have a bit more time to answer the question, Who is Sarah Palin? My instincts tell me that unless this campaign effort drives a metaphorical stake through her heart, she will be back in 2010, 2012, and/or 2016. She could pull up stakes and become a carpetbagger in some state as McCain did in Arizona. Senator Palin, or Congresswoman Palin, anyone?
    Gee, something to look forward to.

  • Lsamsa

    She already looks like a caricature of herself…after such a short time of being in the national/international spotlight.
    With her narrow-minded beliefs & her aggressive (because God says I’m right dammit) ways…being given the opportunity to possibly engage such power…this is truly one very scary person!

  • boxcar

    She’s just a preachin that olde tyme religion!
    Bowl a soup and a cup of Jesus!

  • badedukation

    Must… not… make… fun… of… obvious… joke… on… second… photo… PFFFTTT!

  • rab

    What’s with the earpieces in the second photo? They both appear to have them. Is that standard at speeches or are they both wired up for prompting?

  • Ace Armstrong

    Sarahcuda Sixpack – The Puck Stops Here.

  • MrsD
    Would you add this as background music to your Palin photos?
    I think it will complete the package.

  • Mary Bailey

    She mentions GOD a lot so why do she need the WITCH DOCTOR. Is the Witchdoc her god.

  • Patti

    I have been wondering why her minister was’t called on to explain himself as others have had to do.She was attractive when she first came on the scene, but now is very ugly as she is so negitave, and has been used by the McCain scum.There are so many unanswered questions about her,One big one is about the Alaska group, who hates the USa that her husband Todd is suppose to be a member of,as well as her at one of the meetings praising them. Theres a question about who built their house and how it was paid for.The lies about the bridge and more

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