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October 30, 2008

Birth Of The Cool

©Marco Acevedo 1.png

Remember “McCain’s Heath Ledger Joker” you saw here the other day? It was created by the very talented and politically-astute graphic designer Marco Acevedo, publisher of the Hokum blog at Open.Salon. In anticipation of glorious results on Tuesday, and to stimulate a few soothing alpha waves in the midst of the otherwise excruciating anticipation, Marco and The BAG gift you this fanciful album Marco created. As he explains:

I was answering an open call at Open Salon for custom Obama campaign posters, and I decided to do a couple as old Blue Note style jazz album covers, playing off of the “coolness” attributed to Obama by the media (and myself). I was late for the open call but went ahead anyway.

Not to have to analyze everything, but I do like the message how Obama can simultaneously be intense and cool. But then, is the guy that charismatic or is he also cool because of this?

(Image: © Marco Acevedo/Hokum at Open.Salon)

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