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September 23, 2008

The Foreign Policy Education Of Sarah Palin (In One Okay, More Than One Photo-Op)

So, I was sort of live-blogging the newswire stream of SP’s morning at the U.N.

Palin Kissinger

Steve Schmidt, you’re so clever….

You see, Henry is that good that just one photo op sit-down can make anyone competent in foreign policy.  Especially any unreasonably confident person.

“So, you got it, right?”  Now, jump in that limo and bring on Uribe, Karzai, that heavy-set dude from Iraq!  (What was it?  Talaban, Taliban, Talibani  …Something like that.)

Update 1 (… as long as these links hold out)

Of course, never blink.  Just don’t.  Just DON’T! …And Uribe asks: “Was that good, or do we need another take?”

Update 2 (12pm PST)

Passing on the cookies, Sarah builds cred by deferring in the fashion department.

Update 3 (12:12 pm PST)

In the meantime, here’s a nice shot of the temperate rally SP was dis-invited from yesterday.

Update 4 (12:15 pm PST)

I’m just wondering, though, if Schmidt/Palin can come up with anything half as good as last year’s power snub.

… Okay, I’m going, I’m going.  I’ll be back in about an hour.

Update 5 (1:13 pm PST)

I’m back.  (Let’s not talk about the 405.)

Turns out, there was a big dust up this AM when Team Palin tried to completely bar reporters from the circus.  According to the official language: “The decision was made for this to be a photo spray with still cameras and video cameras only.”  At this point, hard to see the difference.  Here’s the CBS write-up with a fun video.  The click-click-click was never so loud.

By the way, you call that a handshake?

Update 6 (1:20 pm PST)

Back!  Back!  (And wow, even caught Old Glory!)

Update 7 (1:26 pm PST)

Very nice.  That must be the reverse angle.

Update 8 (1:34 pm PST)

Turns out Saakashvili and Yuschenko are tomorrow with Mac. Palin also goes solo with Talabani, Ali Zardari and Singh.  … There goes my day job.  But seriously, I hope she doesn’t stare at Yuschenko’s face.  (Laura didn’t.)  (I’m sure they’ll make sure to tell her, however, the Russians did it.)

Update 9 (1:41 pm PST)

Oh, I thought they were meeting at Henry’s apartment.

Update 10 (1:55 pm PST)

And then, the photo scene was interesting inside the UN, as well.  With Carla in attendance and a head of state like Cristina Fernandez speaking, one wonders where exactly Sarah falls.

Update 11 (1:59 pm PST)

They really put this on the wire?

Update 12 (2:01pm PST)

Or, this?

Update 13 (2:05)

O.K., ’nuff said.

(image: Brian Snyder/ Reuters.  New York September 23, 2008)

  • mudkitty

    That kind of photo graphic display in the background bespeaks Kissinger’s own insecurity.
    This whole excursion/incident bespeaks insecurity on the part of the players.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    The ‘Foreign Policy’ Education of Sarah Palin
    The ‘Politics of Proletarian Identity’ Education of Henry Kissinger.

  • klankabop

    Forgive me for not sounding more serious about this, but I am unemployed and without healthcare. Nevertheless, I’m reminded of TV Land-style ancient history, namely the old Dobie Gillis show: (in an alarmed syncopation) “symbiosis-mass hypnosis!”

  • Karen

    your link to the UN Palin photos just goes to Getty’s page. Here’s the Palin link:

  • steve

    She’s so tan.

  • g

    She’s got the Condi-style “matching armchairs” pose down alright. Condi must be jealous.
    She sure wears a lot of foundation.

  • KansasKowboy

    Who can understand what Kissinger is saying anymore? When he talks he sounds like a dieing moose…Oh! okay…nevermind.

  • ashermil

    This is hilarious, right up there with Dukakis in the tank. She’s totally out of her league.

  • the anti-thesis

    via newshounds…
    the posts and the pix, great
    I want minute by minute updates on the meeting with Bono!

  • g

    What is the pin she’s wearing in this shot

  • g

    Oh. My. God. The 2:05 shot.

  • mudkitty

    Kissinger always got audiences with hot chicks…
    Republicans are such traditionalists…

  • bluinky


  • pwapvt

    Great the guy that’s gotten a do-over of the Vietnam war is helping the next generation of warmongers. Shouldn’t he be in jail somewhere? Like the Hague?

  • steve

    @ g…
    The pin she’s wearing is the blue star pin denoting that she has a relative on active duty (her son).

  • matt

    watching the kissinger meeting on tv – from an angle with the tables more centered – i though i saw the top of richard nixon’s head in one of the framed photos on the table, hidden by another picture frame placed in front.
    wouldn’t it have been more fun if they’d forgotten to rearrange the pictures?

  • mudkitty

    To highlight her recent “education” is to highlight her recent inexperience.

  • andy

    Darth Kissinger aquires a new apprentice…

  • ahpook

    The last two pics there of the bushes are so, so awful.
    Laura Bush has always looked like an empty shell of a person but I hadn’t seen a photo quite this revealing before. She might murmur in response to the instructions she’s received over the earpiece…”Yes Lord Satan, I hear and obey”
    And dubya on the too-large chair, perpetually clowning. We truly are a laughingstock, but not laughing in a hah-hah funny way. In a scary “drunk clown might smash the windows and cut the kids for kicks” kind of way.

  • kim

    I guess they listened to Ben Stein and let Kissinger babysit.

  • MonsieurGonzo

    mudkitty : “To highlight her recent “education” is to highlight her recent inexperience.
    . . . an elegant insight, cher chaton.

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