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September 23, 2008

The Coil

Mccain Hangar

I’m convinced McCain believes he’s a moderate guy.  I don’t think he’s in touch at all with the way he fires himself up.

What really scares me is when he gets all coiled and hunched like that, taking on a self-righteous or vindictive tone.  When that side comes out, the stories he tells of a younger, brasher, indiscreet version of himself don’t feel, at all, partitioned by time.  Instead, in that vein of defiance he demonstrates himself quite capable of going off the rails.

McCain Loses His Head (George Will/WAPO)

(image: Eric Miller/Reuters.  Key Air Hangar. Anoka County Blaine Airport. Blaine, Minnesota, September 19, 2008.)

  • Neal

    Drunk at a toilet, spewing out bile.
    During this speech he accused Obama as being at the center of the financial crisis.
    Not “country first” but “election first”.

  • bystander

    I kind of wish I’d arrived here a little sooner so I didn’t see the competing images of these white haired men at the same time. What a contrast! It sure doesn’t work to McCain’s advantage.
    In this shot McCain has all the appeal of a raging bull. And, if you’ve ever actually seen one, you have a sense of my anxiety.

  • bystander

    The essence of this photograph is neatly captured by Adam Serwer’s ALL HE NEEDS IS A LIGHTSABER.

    …what’s frightening to me is McCain’s tendency to believe himself at the center of pivotal conflicts in which he represents the ultimate good. [George] Will says McCain sees politics as “operatic,” but really he sees everything as operatic.

    It means that any quarrel he has necessarily takes the form an epic battle between good and evil, at which point whatever action McCain takes to resolve the conflict, no matter how extreme, is justified. We see this in the campaign. When confronted with his dishonesty, McCain often mutters that “this is a tough campaign,” meaning that all’s fair in war. And McCain is always at war.

  • John

    Just what we need…more self-righteous, angry old white guys at the helm.

  • Gasho

    McCain has become an empty, hollow, self righteous, greedy liar.
    I don’t think it’s always been so, but the whiff of absolute power and the induction into Washington’s War & Power Club has caused this old man to completely forget what is right and wrong, true and false, honorable and despicable. They say you should be careful who you associate with and keep as friends; the moral character of those around you permeates into your own being. Hugging Bush and doing his bidding has darkened McCain’s karmic path.
    May he loose this election, so that he isn’t granted near unlimited secular power while on such a wretched trajectory.

  • donna

    “Get off my lawn!”

  • NateTG

    Part of McCain’s strage posture is that he can’t lift his arms above his shoulder because of his war injuries. I’d guess this ‘hunched over’ thing is what happens when he’s pointing his finger and he has to twist his body to compensate for the lack of shoulder mobility.

  • jtfromBC

    “The memory of them, of what they bore for honor and country, causes me to look in every prospective conflict for the shadow of Vietnam.”
    ~ speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Aug 1999.
    Imagine that anger and that finger millimeters away from ‘the button’

  • MonsieurGonzo

    oh yeah, Senator? You say yo’ gonna whup my a___? Says You and what Army ?

    Reuters 23-SEP-2008 : “The United States will not have enough forces available to meet a request for more troops from NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan: “Without changing deployment patterns, without changing length of tours, we do not have the forces to send three additional brigade combat teams to Afghanistan at this point,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    ‘Wall Street’ is so last week ~ the D.O.D. has just come out and said : “ That’s all, folks: your military just hit The Wall.
    well now that does leave the “self-righteous, angry old white guys” {merci} with the nuclear option (!) Mr. McLuhan may say, “The statement is pointless ~ The finger is speechless,” but imho When Mr. McCain punches the air I’d swear this man is yet again imagining himself the pushbutton warrior in that full bloom bliss of killing without conscience. i daresay, if we did ‘the Daisy Ad’ in sane response to this Prisoner of OldWar Goldwater nuclear nightmare déjà vu, the self-immolating right might be so insane as to chant, “Bomb, Baby, Bomb!”

  • MonsieurGonzo

    praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, JT {grin}

  • mcc

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a photograph of George W. Bush posted exactly like this, exact same arm positions, exact same posture, exact same expression on his face. Anyone know what I’m thinking of?

  • Roschelle

    McCain couldn’t possibly have any clue as to how we’re going to get our country out of this financial quagmire. His top economic advisor landed with her own golden parachute!

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