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September 10, 2008

Politicizing 9/11


I have my issues with Obama and McCain showing up at Ground Zero tomorrow morning and politicizing the event.

What is also bothering me, however, is how Team McCain has already set the stage to exploit 9/11 from Alaska — and further envelope Palin in the flag and the security state.  It’s hard for me to believe the McCain campaign didn’t already have this in mind when it put together the Palin biography video shown last week at the RNC.  The frame above comes at about the 1:42 mark, coinciding with:

…The Palin’s are a busy clan, raising a family of five, ranging from a 19 year old son who volunteered for the Army and is expected to soon to be sent to Iraq…

The shot has a nostalgic feel to it, almost evoking WWII.  (There is a second frame that follows, showing a line of troops on an airfield waiting to board a Continental flight.)  In particular, though, it cues us to think about campaign spin, and how we’re sitting here the day before as unwitting subjects to all kinds of terror- and memorial-related photo-ops and visual machinations that no one is talking about.

  • bilco5

    In the words from the Chicago Tribune, here is a frank look at our history since 9/11.

  • croatoan

    Governor Palin’s son is shipping off to Iraq on September 11. So what? Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks, and her trumpeting his departure date is another Bush-like attempt to associate Iraq with the attacks.

  • Mrs. D

    And Ms. Palin is scheduled to appear on Charles Gibson’s show the same day. Yes, the 9-11 anniversary and the same day her son deploys to guard generals in Iraq.
    So what are the chances that gentleman Gibson is going to ask this grieving mother any hardball questions?
    That’s why the McCain Campagn picked the day and the date.

  • jeff in chicago

    The uniform and boots are not what would be worn to Iraq. Among other things, they’re friggin green. But the WW2 vibe is there too, since modern boots are cleated and banded and look much more able to stomp. The boots depicted look perfect for that slow slide down memory lane, back to a time when John McCain… was still old!

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