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September 9, 2008

Palin Blow-Back: Kissing Up To John Juan


Here’s my Twitter Tweet regarding this morning’s front-page pander-fest:

NYT Pg. 1 pix re: how McCain & Palin hug vs. handshake. Shows John Juan-Palin hug, then Cindy kiss. Media kissing up after Palin critiques?

And, if I had another another 21 characters to work with, I might have added:  So much for the age issue!

I don’t care how politically incorrect it is to come back to this, but part of the irresistible Palin play — on the flip-side of yesterday’s Madonna thing — is her impact as an object of seduction.

To Have (as a Running Mate), and to Hold (Politely) (NYT/Bumiller)

(image: Stephen Crowley/NYT)

  • marysz

    Cindy is dressed in a garishly colored dress and Palin’s in a sober career-woman business suit. I wonder if this is a deliberate decision on the part of the campaign to have the two women dress so differently; otherwise we might get both these two manipulative former beauty queens confused.
    And why is Cindy tagging along with John on the campaign trail anyhow? Don’t the wives usually campaign separately? Maybe she wants to keep tabs one her husband; she’s the one who controls the purse strings in this marriage. Sara Palin’s the one in the power position here, at the podium. She’s disempowered McCain as a candidate–she’s the one the crowds are coming to see. Be careful what you wish for, Republicans.
    Sara Palin is on her way to becoming America’s Eva Peron

  •[email protected]/ DennisQ

    Ferraro and Mondale avoided looking like they were dating, but McCain and Palin are starting to look like the boss and his junior associate. That could account for the gender gap in the perception of Sarah Palin. A lot more men approve of her than women.
    If they’re going to hang together, she’ll have to establish an independent identity. Otherwise she’ll look like a female subordinate, an unappealing message in post-feminist America. She can’t have it both ways. If she strikes out on her own she’s going to make embarrassing gaffes. But if she stays in McCain’s shadow she’ll be something out of the 1950’s.

  • LanceThruster

    Cindy looks like a mom in “Pleasantville” after the color was “added.”
    The kiss after the hug looks like it was meant to diffuse any hard feelings for the hug.

  • rchsod

    does this affirm that politics really is pornography?

  • rchsod

    does this affirm that politics really is pornography?

  • rchsod

    does this affirm that politics really is pornography?

  • rchsod

    does this affirm that politics really is pornography?

  • g

    wow. More body contact between John and Sarah than between John and Cindy, his wife. He’s got his hand at her waist, it looks like almost slipping beneath the vent of her jacket or actually inside her jacked. They in contact chest-to-chest, her face is beside his, her hand is gripping his shoulder. His eyes are open, facial expression engaged, warm.
    In contrast, John I am not sure there is any bodily contact between John and his wife other than his lips on her cheek – if they are actually kissing, instead of air-kissing – and its not clear whether his left arm/hand is touching her body. His right arm is completely detached from her. His eyes are closed, mouth closed, facial expression closed-off.
    She is turned away from him, her eyes closed, her hand grasping out away from him, almost a warding off (Like “Tafetta, darling!” in Young Frankenstein).
    No eye contact between them either.
    Yes, it’s a snapshot in time, and who knows if they weren’t more fully embracing just a few seconds before the shot, but the choice of photo is telling.

  • johnsteed

    the latest palin/mccain reads like a “the avengers” promo. the campaign is playing the sex card

  • marilyn lewis

    In the second photo, observe the self-satisfied, smug look on Palin’s face, as her running mate pecks his wife’s cheek!

  • jean

    I’ve been gone for three days. What’s this? Cindy is WOUNDED? She’s wearing a CAST? A red cast? (Red for republican, or to match her dress?). She reminds me of a sparrow with a broken wing. And she still gets no sympathy from her husband. I’m almost rooting for her, after looking at the new pics. Will she deep-six McPOW’s campaign over these glaring affronts (with palin?)? Wishful thinking, I know. IOKIYARW!

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