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September 4, 2008

More Family Values

Bristol Levi

1. Still another variation on “getting it in writing?”

2. I’m just wondering how fresh the tattoo is.

3. Wingers answer to the Obama fist bump?

Call it another example of how the visual media gets sucked into the cultural politics.  This shot is fresh on the newswire from last evening.  The caption reads:

The hand of Levi Johnston (L), and his girlfriend Bristol Palin hold hands as they attend the third session of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota September 3, 2008. Bristol Palin is the daughter of U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate and Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Johnston has a tattoo of Bristol’s name on his left ring finger The campaign has announced that Bristol is five months pregnant and plans to marry Johnston.

(image: Rick Wilking/Reuters. Minneapolis. September 3, 2008)

  • emptywheel

    Do those fingers look manicured to anyone? Because I find that mighty discordant in a AK redneck hockey player. Sure makes you wonder whether the tattoo went on the same time as the manicure.

  • bystander

    Henna? Maybe. But, does the area around the nail on that finger look infected to anyone else? Maybe it’s just the play of light, shadow, and the camera angle.

  • TeddySanFran

    I wonder if Todd took Levi to get his tattoo. It’s kind of a family tradition, it seems:
    * Palin Made a Bet With Her Husband About Whether Murkowski Would Get Into the Race – the Loser Had to Get a Tattoo. “Palin told The Associated Press that she and her husband, Todd, made a bet on whether Murkowski would run. If the governor says he’ll enter the race, Palin has to get the Big Dipper tattooed on her ankle. If Murkowski says no, Todd gets a wedding ring inked on his finger.” [Anchorage Daily News, 5/26/06]

  • indybend

    I so didn’t want to see a picture like this, coming to BNN. I really don’t want to think about these people at all, given the urgent issues that the campaigns should be focusing on .

  • gmoke

    Didn’t Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee do the same thing the first time they got married? Didn’t Pamela change or erase it the first time they got divorced?

  • BerkeleyMom

    I think it is weird that the words are oriented not for Levi himself to look at but for others to be able to read what it says. Odd.

  • Yes

    His hands look like they are infected with pus-filled syphilis nodules. And done worry, the tatoo washes off.

  • Kris T

    Everybody knows that anyone that tattoos their lover’s name or face on their body is doomed to a very foul breakup. Foolish foreshadowing. The Sarah and Todd tattoo story makes it all the more weirder. Poor kids.

  • Susan Donovan

    Due to my strict Baptist upbring I always thought tattoos were improper–
    “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”
    Not that I really care… but still…

  • Sarah B.

    Leave Levi and Bristol alone!!!!!
    But first, let Sarah Palin and her husband Todd exploit this teenage couple in high-visibility photo-ops for the global audience — as evidenced by the treatment of the Levi/Bristol affair on Wednesday in Britain’s tabloid The Daily Mail:
    Proud to be a ‘f******* redneck’: The teenager expecting a baby with Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter
    I suspect that the “tattoo” — displayed so self-consciously for the TV camera’s zoom lens — is actually the work of a black fine-point marker pen…susceptible to dissolving with hot water and soap.
    If, by chance, the tattoo is genuine, it is so small, and the skin on that part of the finger is so thin, that a dermatologist can remove it with a laser easily and painlessly with one application.

  • Sarah B.

    Sorry about the bad link to The Daily Mail story — here is the url to cut-and-paste into your browser if you so desire:—-redneck-The-teenager-expecting-baby-Sarah-Palins-17-year-old-daughter.html

  • db

    The image is compelling for the target audience.
    The tattoo obviously isn’t new, or it’s a fake. Either way, it adds an element to this non-story. I suspect the story about the ink will come out eventually.
    The family members are a part of the campaign because she makes her family a part of the campaign.

  • Jerry Holtaway

    What 18 year old would tattoo his girlfriend’s name on his ring finger, knowing full well that one day things could change and then a girl with a name like “Willow” would have to slip a gold wedding ring over the word “Bristol” – conveniently positioned for her to read it as she moves the ring up his finger to its final resting place…

  • mudkitty

    The boy looks like a deer in the headlights.

  • Andrius

    Nice meth burns on those two fingers. What’s the meth capitol of AK? Hint, begins with a W.

  • james

    In any case, America wins hands down.

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